EmpowerED: Paving the Path to Success - Unveiling the 2023 Work-Study Dream Scholarship Program!

EmpowerED: Paving the Path to Success – Unveiling the 2023 Work-Study Dream Scholarship Program!

Introduction to the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program

Welcome to a transformative journey of empowerment and opportunity! Prepare to embark on a remarkable adventure as EmpowerED: Paving the Path to Success unveils the highly anticipated 2023 Work-Study Dream Scholarship Program.

The program aims to unleash the full potential of aspiring students, firmly believing that financial limitations should never hinder dreams.

With a commitment to shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and game-changers, this groundbreaking initiative offers financial assistance and invaluable hands-on work experience.

Get ready to ignite your passions, unlock your potential, and soar to new heights as you explore the incredible possibilities of this transformative scholarship opportunity.

Are you prepared to turn your dreams into reality?

Join us as we revolutionize how students learn, grow, and succeed!

About the Southwestern University Phinma Scholarships

Southwestern University PHINMA has set various goals to achieve its vision and mission.

The institution aims to become the leading School of Medicine and Health Sciences in the Visayas and Mindanao while striving to elevate its other programs to the same academic performance and reputation level.

They commit to providing practice-focused, relevant, high-quality education to equip their students with the skills and character needed for success.

The institution envisions a unified academic program within the SWU Medicine & Health Sciences cluster that is patient-oriented and competency-based.

Southwestern University PHINMA engages in collective actions addressing various aspects, including education, economics, health, environment, safety, and security, to support community well-being.

They foster an inclusive and supportive environment for students to explore opportunities, develop leadership skills, and embrace service.

The institution has a global perspective and aims to provide value-for-money, quality academic programs to international markets, targeting a minimum of 10% international student enrollment.

They also cultivate a customer-oriented mindset throughout the University and Medical Center.

Aligned with PHINMA Education’s mission, Southwestern University PHINMA shapes students into successful professionals who can make a transformative impact.

Their vision includes the following:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Being an educational game changer.
  • Producing sought-after graduates.
  • Maintaining a modern and sustainable campus.
  • Serving as a community hub known as Southwestern Town.
  • Assuming community leadership.

Lastly, the institution aims to gain recognition for SWU Medical Center as a leading center for quality health training and affordable healthcare services for middle-income families.

Friendly Advice by the Philippine Scholar Editorial Team

Congratulations on considering the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program!

Here are some friendly tips and advice to help you make the most out of your application:

  • Research and understand the program: Take the time to read and understand the details of the scholarship program thoroughly.
  • Showcase your passion and motivation: As you fill out the application, highlight your genuine love for your chosen field of study.
  • Highlight your academic achievements: Provide a clear overview, including any notable accomplishments, awards, or recognitions.
  • Emphasize your relevant skills and experiences: Highlight any internships, part-time jobs, or volunteer work that showcases your ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. Remember to mention any leadership roles or teamwork experiences demonstrating your collaboration and adaptability.
  • Craft a compelling personal statement: Personal information is your opportunity to stand out and showcase your unique qualities.
  • Seek guidance and feedback: Don’t hesitate to seek advice from mentors, teachers, or career advisors when completing your application. Take their feedback into consideration and make necessary revisions before submitting your application.
  • Meet the deadline and submit a complete application: Ensure you submit your application before the deadline and double-check that you have included all the required documents.

2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program

Full Scholarship Grant

  • Incoming Freshmen
  • Continuing Student (2nd and 3rd year)

Requirements of the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program

  • Resume
  • Income Tax Returns (ITR) or BIR Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral (Original)
  • PSA Birth Certificate (Clear copy)
  • Grades
  • Picture 2×2 ( 2 pcs.)
  • Application letter addressed to MR. JEVIE NIÑO V. GEDORIA, Internal Scholarship Coordinator.

For Freshmen (Grades)

  • Grade 11 Report Card with Overall GWA (NO GRADES LOWER THAN 80% in all subjects)
  • Grade 12 Report Card with 1st Semester GWA

For Continuing (Grades)

  • Certificate of Grades Last Semester Attended (NO GRADES LOWER THAN 3.0 in all subjects)

Submit all the Requirements enclosed in a Long White Folder at Student Life Office, Southwestern University PHINMA, Urgello St, Cebu City. Weekdays ( 8 am to 5 pm)

Applicable to the following Programs

  • Business Administration
  • Accountancy
  • Information Technology
  • BS Communication

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Conclusion for the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program

To those considering the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program, embrace this opportunity to invest in your future. Gain valuable work experience while earning money to support your education.

Though the application process may be intimidating, remember your capabilities and worthiness.

Prepare your materials carefully, showcasing your strengths. Success may require effort, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Don’t hesitate to explore available resources and put yourself out there. Believe in yourself and take that crucial first step toward your dreams.

Apply for the Work-Study Scholarship Program and open yourself to a world of possibilities. Best of luck!

Application deadline for the 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program

The 2023 Work-Study Scholarship Program application period will commence on June 2, 2023.


EmpowerED: Paving the Path to Success - Unveiling the 2023 Work-Study Dream Scholarship Program!

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Source: Southwestern University Phinma Scholarship

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