BPI Foundation – Pagpupugay Scholarship Program – Great benefits up to P100k stipend

Established in 1978, BPI Foundation Inc. is the social development arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). Their mission is to create a culture of financial wellness and be agents of sustainable positive change for underserved Filipino communities.

BPI Foundation (BPIF) acknowledges the outstanding efforts made by our medical frontline personnel in the battle against COVID-19. They continually treat their patients with utmost care and sincerity despite the danger that their facing. In recognition of their courageous act, BPIF established PAGPUPUGAY, a scholarship program that supports the relatives of other medical frontline workers who have died or been afflicted with the coronavirus.

There are many people who are suffering for the reason that they are accused to be a carrier of the coronavirus 2019 due to their parent’s occupations, they are the frontline personnel who are working hard to save the life of their countrymen. People constantly forget how important they are in our daily lives, they provide essential services that promote health, prevent diseases, and deliver health care services to individuals, families, and communities based on the primary health care approach. They are heroes who fight unknown enemies with unknown strengths and those are the viruses and diseases that we don’t even have the slightest idea where it even came from or what’s their causes or basically what it is.

The doctors and nurses obviously have a life-saving role in the fight against COVID-19, but there are also health workers that have the same goal as them and they are:

  • Healthcare support workers such as orderlies and phlebotomists
  • Direct care workers such as home health and personal care aides
  • Healthcare service workers such as housekeepers and cooks

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The impact on families, especially on the physical and mental health of the youngsters has been greatly affecting their social life, too. The trauma of being treated as a problem and as a plague will never be easily forgotten. The opportunities may pass by, overlooked because of what happened in the past. They most likely cut their connection to everyone -family, friends, peers- and if you have one – a lover- you choose to be alone and hear those tiny voices in your head that make you go crazy, not literally of course.

There are instances when you think to put an end to your studies, staying at home, and help your family do chores every day. Life must be simple, no assignments to think about, no quizzes to study, no report to prepare, and no presentation to make. Everything is okay not until you are reminded of what is your purpose in studying, why are you trying so hard to finish your studies, and who is that person who truly inspires you to keep on going.

Do you want to be at school? and mingling with new friends? It is your golden time to apply now.

If you are hardworking and have a strong will to pursue your dreams. Grab the opportunity and never let go of it.

The “Pagpupugay” scholars for A.Y. 2021-2022. Photo shows, clockwise from top left: Chris Angelo Bactad, Daren Mar Bumanlag, Florraine Kazelle Dela Rosa, Patricia Maren Viray, Sophia Bea Dulay, Lorraine Grace Bassig, Cyrille Rose Virocel, Mariah Nicholle Collado, Julia Macasa, and Barbeth Nicole Galecer .

Each scholar will receive a scholarship grant of up to P100,000.00 every academic year to help pay tuition and other incidental expenses given directly to BPIF’s partner institution. The financial aid shall only pay school expenses for the ordinary school year or term and shall not, under any circumstances, reimburse school fees originating from or connected to the summer term unless the summer term is required by the course curriculum. For scholars from state universities and colleges, the financial assistance will cover monthly living subsidies and learning assistance allowance.

Eligibility for BPI Foundation – Pagpupugay Scholarship Program

Qualified next of kin of the following medical front liners who passed away or those who contracted COVID-19 in the line of duty:

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Medical technologists
  4. Community health workers
  5. Administrative, utility, and support services personnel in healthcare facilities

If the deceased is married, the priority beneficiaries will be the children. If single, beneficiaries can be next of kin up to 3rd degree of consanguinity.

  • Applicants should be college/university students (1st year-4th year/5th year) of BPIF’s partner schools,
  • To qualify, eligible students must have and maintain a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 85% or its equivalent, or meet University standards for the previous academic year (for incoming 1st year) or for the previous semester (for incoming 2nd year-5th year).

Interested and eligible students may apply through our partner schools. See the list below. If your school is not included in the list, please coordinate directly with BPI Foundation through [email protected]

Partner Schools will screen the applications and will submit a short list of three (3) nominees to BPIF. Successful applicants will be selected from the list of nominees through an evaluation of their academic excellence and financial need. Selected scholars will be notified by BPIF of their acceptance to the program through their schools and electronic mail indicated in the application form.

Requirements for BPI Foundation – Pagpupugay Scholarship Program

  1. Fully accomplished scholarship application form (https://bit.ly/2022PagpupugayAppForm)
  2. Fully accomplished data privacy form (https://bit.ly/2022PagpupugayDataPrivacy)
  3. If the medical frontline is deceased: Affidavit of Endorsement and of No Objection (Next of Kin) (https://bit.ly/2022Affidavit-NextOfKin)
  4. If the medical frontline is still living: Affidavit of Endorsement and of No Objection (Frontliner) (https://bit.ly/2022Affidavit-Frontliner)
  5. Endorsement letter, duly signed by the authorized representative of the hospital or health care facility where the medical front liner was assigned

Original or authenticated copies of the following

  1. Course Curriculum
  2. If a child of the medical front liner, the NSO-authenticated birth certificate of the applicant
  3. If a sibling of the medical front liner, NSO-authenticated birth certificate of the applicant, and the front liner showing their common parents
  4. If a nephew/niece of the medical front liner, the birth certificate of the applicant, together with the birth certificate of the applicant’s parent and the medical front liner showing their common parents
  5. If a widow/widower of the medical front liner, NSO-authenticated marriage certificate of the medical front liner.
  6. PRC ID or License ID of the medical front liner
  7. If the medical front liner is deceased, the death certificate of the medical front liner – indicating COVID-19 or complications due to COVID-19 as the cause of death
  8. If the medical front liner is still living, the medical certificate of the medical front liner – indicating COVID-19 in the findings
  9. Latest ITR of parents/guardian of the applicant
  10. Latest previous academic year Transcript of Records or Copy of Grades
  11. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  12. Only the applications with complete requirements will be processed.
  13. Scanned copies of the application form and other supporting documents may be submitted. Hard copies will be required once applicants are selected for the scholarship.

Application Deadline

*Stay tuned for the updates of BPIF-Pagpupugay Scholarship Program

This article will serve as a reference for any upcoming Scholarship program under the BPI Foundation.

Interested and qualified applicants are encouraged to contact and email their colleges/universities for more information or submission applications:

  1. Ateneo de Manila University – [email protected]
  2. Cebu Institute of Technology University – [email protected]
  3. Christ the King College – Gingoog City – [email protected]
  4. De La Salle University (Manila) – Please visit the De La Salle University, Facebook Page, for the Google Form link
  5. Far Eastern University (Manila) – [email protected], [email protected]
  6. Holy Angel University (Pampanga) – [email protected]
  7. Lorma Colleges (La Union) – [email protected]
  8. Lyceum of the Philippines University (Davao) – [email protected]
  9. Mapua University (Manila and Makati) – [email protected]
  10. Malayan Colleges Laguna – [email protected]
  11. Malayan Colleges Mindanao- [email protected]
  12. Mindanao State University–Iligan Institute of Technology – [email protected]
  13. Miriam College – [email protected], [email protected]
  14. National Teachers College – [email protected]
  15. Philippine Women’s University – [email protected]
  16. PHINMA Republican College – [email protected]
  17. PHINMA St. Jude College – [email protected]
  18. Polytechnic University of the Philippines – [email protected]
  19. Saint Louis University – Baguio – [email protected], [email protected]
  20. Silliman University – [email protected]
  21. Southville International School and Colleges – [email protected]
  22. St. Mary’s College of Baliuag (Bulacan) – [email protected]
  23. Technological Institute of the Philippines – [email protected], [email protected]
  24. University of Batangas – [email protected], [email protected]
  25. University of Northern Philippines – [email protected]
  26. University of Nueva Caceres – [email protected]
  27. University of Perpetual Help Systems Dalta – [email protected]
  28. University of Santo Tomas (Manila) – [email protected]
  29. University of Santo Tomas (Manila) – [email protected]
  30. University of the Immaculate Concepcion (Davao) – [email protected]
  31. University of the Philippines (Diliman) – [email protected]
  32. University of the Philippines (Manila) – [email protected]
  33. Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan – [email protected]

BPI Foundation Office
2/F BPI Buendia Center
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
Makati City

Email: [email protected]

Source: BPI Foundation

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