CHED Scholarship Program Replacement AY 2023-2024

Cebu Technological University (CTU) posted on its Official Facebook Page about the CHED Scholarship Program Replacement for Third-year students.

Ohh! Hi there! Are you a Cebuano? or are you one of the aspiring students who want to enroll in Cebu Technological University (CTU) The Premier University? This is something you must know because this prestige university is now offering you, a life-changing opportunity.

Well, Cebu Technological University has 24 campuses, including its extension campuses. It has 17 graduate degree programs and over 45 undergraduate degree programs. 

There are over 800 faculty and 46, 000 students. It is a public, non-sectarian, coeducational State-funded higher education institution located in Cebu, Philippines. The flagship programs vary per campus. However, in general, the programs CTU specializes in are Technology, Engineering, and Agriculture.

Woah! This school is so amazing. Who doesn’t want to study here, right? If only I could, why not. You don’t wanna miss it right? or maybe you’ll just let this chance go. Oh no! you’ll regret it or maybe you’ll think about it later, better not waste your time. The offer is tempting and so many are tempted and that also means the slots are limited.

Everyone will spend their time studying and preparing their requirements just to be a qualified scholar of this scholarship and while you’re reading this, they’re will be a lot of aspirants reading it too. And if you are preparing your requirements already, then many are already passing their requirements and are waiting for their schedule.

Isn’t it a pain in the neck? Of course, it is. Everything is a pain in the neck.

I frequently tell myself, “I’ll just pass on this, I’ll do it later, there’s still tomorrow, I still have a lot of time,” but the truth is you are underestimating your time and thus missing out on a lot of opportunities. For the time being, you’re unlikely to get another chance.

Roy T . Bennett once said that “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”

Success requires hard work; it is when you are able to do whatever you want, which is, what you desire. Is it providing financial assistance to your family, purchasing your own car, or building your own house?

if you want such success then start moving, and working for your future. It’s hard but you can do it.

Nothing is impossible if you continue to believe in yourself, have faith in god, and make your loved ones your driving force to keep on going even though it’s hard.

Come And Explore the benefits of the CHED Scholarship Program Replacement AY 2023-2024

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Qualified Courses

Applicants should be a 3rd-year students and acquire the following degree programs:

  1. Bachelor of Industrial Technology, major in:
  • a) Computer Technology
  • b) Automotive Technology
  • c) Civil Technology
  • d) Cosmetology
  • e) Drafting Technology
  • f) Electrical Technology
  • g) Electronics Technology
  • h) Food Preparation and Services Technology
  • i) Furniture and Cabinet Making Technology
  • j) Garments Technology
  • k) Interior Design Technology
  • l) Machine Shop Technology
  • m) Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • n) Welding and Fabrication
  1. BS in Information Technology
  2. BS Hospitality Management
  3. BS Tourism Management
  4. AB English
  5. BS Dev Com
  6. BS Mathematics
  7. BS Statistics
  8. BS Psychology

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CHED Scholarship Qualifications

  1. GPA 2019-2020 must be 1.75 or better
  2. No existing government and/or private scholarship
  3. The income of parents must not be more than 200K per annum

CHED Scholarship Requirements Needed

  1. Accomplished application form [download here] with 2×2 pic
  2. Grades- grade 12 and AY 2019-2020
  3. Parents’ proof of income (any of the following) a.) ITR, b.) Certificate of indigency (name of parents of guardian) source/monthly income
  4. Birth Certificate (NSO/PSA)

*Stay tuned for the application date

Source: CTU Main - Supreme Student Government

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