DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

Introduction of the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

Introducing the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023: Your Pathway to a Bright Future!

Are you ready to take your academic journey to new heights? Time is running out, but your future is within reach.

The DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023 has arrived, bringing an incredible opportunity for you to shine.

Tick-tock! The clock is ticking, and the demand for exceptional individuals like you is overgrowing.

It’s your moment to break free from limitations, push boundaries, and embrace the future with unwavering determination.

The future is calling—apply now and let your incredible journey begin!

Friendly Advice by the Philippine Scholar Editorial Team

Tips for Applying to the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023:

  • Start early: Begin your application ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress. Give yourself time to gather documents, complete forms, and write your statement.
  • Understand requirements: Read the scholarship’s eligibility criteria carefully. Make sure you meet all requirements and have the necessary qualifications.
  • Highlight achievements: Showcase your accomplishments, academic successes, and relevant experiences. Demonstrate how they align with the scholarship’s goals and values.
  • Write a captivating personal statement: Use your statement to express your genuine passion for your field. Show dedication and drive to make a meaningful impact
  • Seek feedback and revise: Ask trusted mentors or friends for feedback. It helps improve your application. Revise essays, double-check forms, and ensure error-free submission.
  • Submit a complete application: Closely to requirements and include all necessary documents. Double-check everything to avoid disqualification.
  • Be proactive and persistent: Stay engaged and updated on announcements. Prepare thoroughly for interviews or additional steps.

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DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

Benefits of the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

Tuition & other school feesActualActual
Book Allowance20,000/AY20,000/AY
Transportation Allowance1 economy roundtrip fare / academic year1 economy roundtrip fare / academic year
Group Accident & Health InsurancePremiumPremium
Thesis/Dissertation Allowance60,000100,000
Student Research 
Support Fund 
Dissemination Grant75,000150,000
Mentor’s Fee36,00072,000


The stipends in the remaining months of the scholarship period shall be given to a scholar who completes his/her degree earlier than the end of the said period

Eligibility of the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

  1. Natural-born Filipino citizen;
  2. Not more than 50 years old at the time of application;
  3. In good health and of good moral character;
  4. Pass the admission requirements for graduate studies at any of the NCGSME member universities;
  5. Have at least two years of teaching experience in science and mathematics for a Doctoral, or at least one year of teaching experience or have graduated with academic honors or graduated as a DOST scholar for a Master’s;
  6. a. If employed: Allowed to study full-time for two or three years (Residential Mode) and part-time for six years at UPOU (Distance Education Mode); and
  7. b For employees of the DepEd: Officially endorsed by DepEd (Signed Form 2A by Division Superintendent and Regional Director)
    6.b.1 Must have been in service for at least five (5) years.
    6.b.2 Must have at least a Very Satisfactory performance rating for the last two (2) years.
  8. c For employed non-DepEd applicants: Certificate of Employment, Permit to Study (Signed Form 2B by the Head of the University);
  9. Not a recipient of other scholarships; and
  10. Willing to accept the terms and conditions specified in the Scholarship Contract.

Who else may apply?
✓ Ph.D. graduate in a priority S&T program (scholar or non-scholar) who intends to pursue a second Ph.D. degree.
✓ MS/Ph.D. non-scholar graduate (not S&T related) who intends to pursue a second MS/Ph.D. degree.

Who may NO longer apply?
✓ Ph.D. graduate (scholar or non-scholar) who intends to pursue another MS degree program.
✓ MS graduate in a priority S&T program (scholar or non-scholar) who intends to pursue a second MS degree.

Requirements of the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship

Capacity Building  Program in Science and Mathematics Education (CBPSME) Brochure

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate;
  • If employed, Certification of Employment and Permit to Study (Form 2A or Form 2B);
  • Medical Certificate (Form 3);
  • Certified True Copy of Service Record, if employed;
  • Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of Records (TOR);
  • Notice of Admission to the Master’s/Doctoral in Science and Mathematics Education program in the Graduate School at any of the NCGSME member universities;
  • Endorsement from two (2) former professors; and
  • Letter of nomination/recommendation from the head of the university.
  • Commitment to complete the degree.
  • Valid NBI Clearance.

How to apply for the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship

A step-by-step guide on how to apply for the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship:

  • Verify your eligibility: Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements, such as your academic performance and other qualifications they are seeking.
  • Get your documents together: Collect all the papers you need for your application, like your report cards, certificates, ID, and letters from people who can recommend you.
  • Fill out the application form: Complete the form they give you, ensuring you answer all the questions correctly and fully.
  • Check and fix mistakes: Look over everything you’ve written, including your letter and form, and correct any errors or unclear parts.
  • Ask for help: Get feedback from teachers, mentors, or someone you trust to improve your application.
  • Send in your application: Follow their instructions and submit everything before the deadline.
  • Keep in touch: If they need more information or have updates, respond quickly and provide what they ask for.
  • Prepare for interviews or tests: Learn about the scholarship and be ready to explain why you want it and what you plan to do.
  • Wait for the results: Be patient and wait for them to announce who gets the scholarship. Pay attention to any messages from the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship program.

Conclusion for the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship

In conclusion, the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for individuals who want to enhance their education and positively impact their chosen fields.

Meet the requirements and put effort into your application while following the process carefully. Your chances of being selected for this prestigious scholarship will be higher.

The DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship opens doors to numerous possibilities, allowing you to make a meaningful difference in your academic and professional journey. Approach this opportunity with dedication, passion, and a commitment to giving it your best.

Wishing you the best of luck as you pursue the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship!

The application period for the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship

The deadline to apply for the DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship for the first AY 2023-2024 semester is June 30, 2023. For the second semester, it is November 15, 2023.


DOST-SEI Graduate Scholarship 2023

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  7. HI my name is christian v avenido , i am graduated on jhs earlier , i’m looking for scholarship that giving to me because i really need it to my financial association para po sa mga gastuhin kopo , i hope that u will pick me as the one of the scholar membership. May GODBLESS AT YOU PO!!!

  8. Hi I’m Christian Avenido I am looking for scholarship , i already graduated on jhs earlier , i am 16 years old From canlaon city negros oriental of the philippines , I am looking for manager or whatever to handled mine as one of the scholarship member , Because i really need it for my Financial at school , I will promise if u will be choose me as the one of scholarship Aayusin kopo ang pag aaral ko , So i hope that u choose me , May GODBLESS AT YOU!! if u hired me contact my fb acc: Cr Is the photo was the man weared a black mask and uniform, THANKYOUU!!!

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