Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-2025 in the USA

Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-2025 in the USA


Welcome to the prestigious Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship for 2024-2025. It’s a fantastic opportunity for scholars, artists, and scientists to pursue their research and creative projects.

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Harvard Radcliffe Institute provides a vibrant community where people from different fields collaborate and think innovatively.

The Institute’s work is influenced by its past as Radcliffe College, a school created to ensure that women could have the same educational opportunities as men at Harvard University.

The Institute’s programs and the exceptional collections of its Schlesinger Library demonstrate Radcliffe’s strong commitment to women and the study of gender.

But Radcliffe College’s legacy goes beyond just promoting coeducation at Harvard; it also emphasizes the importance of universities embracing diversity and welcoming a wide range of knowledge and talent.

This guiding principle has shaped Radcliffe’s work for nearly 150 years.

The Institute stands out among Harvard’s distinguished schools for its focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and its commitment to promoting inclusivity.

Take the chance to apply for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-2025 and embark on a transformative journey of intellectual exploration and personal development that will shape your future career.

Friendly Advice by the Philippine Scholar Editorial Team

If you want to apply for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-2025 in the USA, here are some simple tips for your application:

  • Start early: Prepare early so you have enough time to gather documents, refine your research proposal, and complete everything smoothly.
  • Do research: Learn about the Harvard Radcliffe Institute and what they focus on. Find subjects that match your research interests.
  • Write a strong proposal: Clearly explain your research goals, how you plan to do it, and the impact it could have. Show how it connects with the Institute’s values.
  • Highlight achievements: Showcase your accomplishments, education, and relevant experiences. Mention any awards or publications that show your expertise.
  • Get recommendations: Ask people who can talk about your abilities and potential to write recommendation letters for you.
  • Show interest in different areas: Highlight experiences, projects, or research that shows you can work in various fields and collaborate with others.
  • Emphasize diversity and fairness: Discuss how your research includes different perspectives and contributes to the progress of underrepresented voices.
  • Edit and proofread: Check your application for mistakes and ask for feedback from others.
  • Be yourself: Let your passion come through in your application. Explain why this fellowship is essential to you.
  • Meet deadlines: Submit your materials on time to ensure you get all the benefits.

Remember, the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship is competitive. Still, you can improve your chances with good preparation and a robust application. Good luck!

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Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-25 in the USA

Benefits of the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

  1. The value of the award is $78,000.
  2. A grant of $5,000 is given to cover project expenses.
  3. A relocation fund is provided.
  4. A housing fund is provided.
  5. A childcare fund is granted.
  6. Healthcare assistance is offered.
  7. Working in an international environment will be a privilege.
  8. Your professional skills will be developed through it.

Eligibility of the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

Applicants in the humanities and social sciences must
1. Have received their doctorate (or appropriate terminal degree) in their proposed project at least two years before their appointment as a fellow (December 2022 for the 2024-25 fellowship year).
2. Have published a monograph or at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections.
Applicants in science, engineering, and mathematics must
1. Have received their doctorate in the proposed project area at least two years before their appointment as a fellow (December 2022 for the 2024-25 fellowship year).
2. Have published at least five articles in refereed journals. Most science, engineering, and math fellows have published dozens of articles.

** This is not intended to serve as a post-doctoral fellowship. Applicants must demonstrate a substantial body of independent research and writing.

 Creative arts 

Applicants must meet discipline-specific eligibility requirements as outlined below:
Film and Video: Applicants in this discipline must have a body of independent work of significant achievement. Such work will typically have been exhibited in galleries or museums, shown in film or video festivals, or broadcast on television.

Visual Arts

Applicants in this discipline must show strong evidence of achievement, with a record of at least five years of work as a professional artist, including participation in several curated group shows and at least two professional solo exhibitions.

Fiction and Nonfiction

Applicants in these disciplines must have one of the following:
a) one or more published books;
b) a contract for the publication of a book-length manuscript; or
c) at least three shorter works (longer than newspaper articles) published.

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Applicants in this discipline must have published at least 20 poems in the last five years or published a book of poetry and must be completing a manuscript.


Applicants in this discipline must have worked professionally as a journalist for at least five years.


Applicants in this discipline must have a significant body of independent work. This will include, most typically, plays produced or under option.

Music Composition

It is desirable, but not required, for applicants in music composition to have a Ph.D. or DMA. Most importantly, the applicant must show strong evidence of achievement as a professional artist with a record of recent performances.

Former Harvard Radcliffe fellows (1999-present) are ineligible to apply.

Requirements of the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

  • Application form.
  • CV.
  • Project proposal.
  • Work sample.
  • Three recommendation letters from the provided referees.

How to apply for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

  1. First, registration by the students themselves is needed.
  2. Once registered, the portal should be logged into.
  3. The selection of the area of interest is required.
  4. Ensure that the required supporting documents are provided in the application form.
  5. Careful completion and submission of the application form are advised.

Application deadline for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

The application deadline for humanities, social sciences, and creative arts applicants is September 14, 2023, while for science, engineering, and mathematics applicants, it is October 5, 2023.

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Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024-2025 in the USA

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Source: Harvard Radcliffe Institute

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