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Building the Future: Ongoing Philippine Scholarship 2023 for Exceptional Minds

Scholarships are a valuable resource that you can use to build a successful future. In addition to providing financial support, scholarships offer students recognition for their achievements and opportunities for academic and personal growth. Given the rising cost of education and the competitiveness of the job market, scholarships have become increasingly crucial for students who want to achieve their goals and secure a prosperous future. highlights various scholarships that can help students like you build their futures. These include scholarships that support specific career paths, enabling students to pursue their academic and professional ambitions.

Additionally, there are scholarships available that support diversity and inclusivity. These scholarships aim to help students who may have faced obstacles or barriers in the past, providing them with opportunities to achieve their goals and succeed.

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1. Building a Better Future: BPI Foundation, Inc. Reveals Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant for 2023-2024

The BPI Foundation, Inc. has recently launched the Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant for 2023-2024, aimed at providing support to deserving Filipino students who aspire to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Benefits of the BPI Foundation, Inc. Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant 2023-2024

  • Each scholar will receive a scholarship grant of up to PhP 100,000.00 every academic year.
  • The financial aid shall only pay school expenses for the ordinary school year or term.
  • The scholarship grant will help pay tuition and other incidental expenses.
  • The grant will be given directly to BPIF’s partner institution.
  • Reimbursement for school fees originating from or connected to the summer term will only be provided if the course curriculum requires the summer term.

Eligibility for the BPI Foundation, Inc. Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant 2023-2024

  1. Qualified next of kin of the following medical front liners who passed away or those who contracted COVID-19 in the line of duty:
    • Doctors
    • Nurses
    • Medical technologists
    • Community health workers
    • Administrative, utility, and support services personnel in health care facilities

      If the deceased is married, priority beneficiaries will be the children.
      If single, beneficiaries can be next of kin up to 3rd degree of consanguinity.
  2. Applicants should be college or university students (1st year-4th year/5th year).
  3. To qualify, eligible students must have and maintain a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 85% or its equivalent, or meet University standards for the previous academic year (for incoming 1st year) or for the previous semester (for incoming 2nd year-5th year).
  4. Applicants must NOT be a beneficiary of other scholarship or educational assistance program.

Hurry now and apply for the BPI Foundation, Inc.’s Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant 2023-2024!

2. Revamp Your Future: Secure the CHED Merit Scholarship Program for 2023-2024

Benefits of the CHED Merit Scholarship Program


This scholarship program shall cover tuition and other school fees (TOSF), a stipend that shall be released directly to the scholars or through HEIs, and a book connectivity allowance per semester of a given academic year until the completion of the degree program.

Private HEIs

ProgramPeriodTOSFStipendBook/ Connectivity AllowanceTotal
Full PESFAAnnual40,00070,00010,000120,000
Full PESFASemestral20,00035,0005,00060,000
Half PESFAAnnual20,00035,0005,00060,000
Half PESFASemestral20,00017,5002,50030,000


ProgramPeriodTOSFStipendBook/ Connectivity AllowanceTotal
Full SSPAnnualFREE70,00010,00080,000
Full SSPSemestralFREE35,0005,00040,000
Half SSPAnnualFREE
Half SSPSemestralFREE

Eligibility Requirements for the CHED Merit Scholarship Program

  1. Filipino citizen
  2. Graduating high school student/ High school graduate with general weighted average (GWA) of at least 96% for Full Merit Program and 93% to 95% or its equivalent for Half Merit Program
  3. Student-applicants belonging to the special group of persons such as the underprivileged and Homeless Citizens under Republic Act (RA) No. 7279, Persons with Disability (PWDs) under RA No. 7277 as amended, Solo Parents and/or their Dependents under RA 8371, shall submit certifications and/or Identification Cards (IDs) issued by the appropriate offices or agencies.
  4. Avail of only one government-funded financial assistance program.

3. Transforming Healthcare through Education: CHED Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) AY 2023-2024

Benefits of the CHED Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) AY 2023-2024

Scholars shall be entitled to the following privileges:

  1. Free tuition and school fees.
  2. Allowance for prescribed books, supplies, and equipment.
  3. Clothing or uniform allowance.
  4. Allowance for dormitory or boarding house accommodation.
  5. Transportation allowance.
  6. Internship fees.
  7. Medical board review fees.
  8. Licensure fees.
  9. Annual medical insurance.
  10. Other education-related miscellaneous subsistence or living expenses.

Qualifications of the CHED Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) AY 2023-2024

To be eligible for the scholarship, interested applicants must:

  • Be a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines.
  • Graduating student or graduate of an appropriate undergraduate program identified as a prerequisite for a Doctor of Medicine degree.
  • Currently enrolled in Doctor of Medicine degree from any HEIs duly recognized by the CHED.
  • Direct entrant to the integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) program who satisfactorily completes the first two years of the program.
  • Deserving incoming second-year medical students.
  • Those in the higher year levels of the Doctor of Medicine program.
  • As long as they have complied with the academic requirements and retention policies of the school in the past terms preceding their scholarship application.
  • Have passed the entrance examinations and met all other related requirements for admission into a Doctor of Medicine degree program in the chosen SUCs/PHEIs where the scholar intends to enroll or is currently enrolled.
  • Obtained a National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) score mandated by the CHED and required by the SUC/PHEI where the student intends to enroll.

Unlocking Potential: Juan’s Tech-Voc Scholarship 2023-2024 for a Future of Empowered Leaders

Benefits of the Juan’s Tech-Voc Scholarship 2023-2024

  • Scholarship for deserving underprivileged youth that strives for quality tech-voc education and employment
  • Inclusive food, housing, school supplies, and uniform

Seven months stay-in at GBF-Technical Training Center in Calamba, Laguna

  • Free dormitory and access to school facilities and equipment
  • 3,300 square meters state-of-the-art training center
  • Hosts 12 industry-standard laboratories, meeting rooms, and classrooms

Five months of On-the-Job training at any URC plant

  • Acquire Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC II or Mechatronics Servicing NC II upon passing the TESDA assessment
  • Inclusive of OJT allowance

Employment opportunities in URC Plants after the program

  • Employment opportunities: production/machine operator or machine maintenance technician
  • Chance to work in a world-class manufacturing industry

Eligibility of the Juan’s Tech-Voc Scholarship 2023-2024

  1. Filipino Citizen
  2. Single, 18-25 years old
  3. Senior High School graduate
  4. No grade lower than 80% in Mathematics and Science
  5. From a family with an annual income of not more than Php200,000

4. Coast Guard Foundation Launches Empowering Scholarship Program 2023-2024 for Next Generation’s Growth

Benefits of the Philippine Coast Guard Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program for 2023-2024

The scholarship recipients will receive a stipend worth Php 30,000 per semester.

Qualifications of the Philippine Coast Guard Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program for 2023-2024

  • Legitimate child of an active PCG non-officer
  • At least a high school graduate or incoming first-year college student
  • Has a general weighted average of at least 80% or equivalent
  • In good health and fit to undergo a college education

Requirements of the Philippine Coast Guard Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program for 2023-2024

  • Fully accomplished application form (download here:
  • Recent 2×2 ID picture
  • Photocopy of PSA birth certificate
  • Photocopy of parents’ marriage contract
  • Certified true copy of report card (if available) or the latest grading period report card (final report card to follow)

5. Unleashing the Best: PNPA Cadetship Admission 2023 – Your Pathway to Excellence in Law Enforcement and Beyond

Benefits of the PNPA Cadetship Admission 2023

  • A noble privilege in serving the country and its people
  • Free college education with a well-rounded curriculum
  • Monthly pay and allowances
  • Progressive career as an Officer in the Army, Air Force, or Navy
  • Specialized professional training for military
  • Exceptional training and billeting facilities
  • Training requirements are all provided

Qualifications of the PNPA Cadetship Admission 2023

You should have the following qualifications to be able to join the maroon line

  • Natural-born Filipino Citizen;
  • Must be 18-22 years old before June 1, 2024;
  • At least a Senior High School (SHS) Graduate and/or has satisfactorily complied with all the requirements for graduation before July 30, 2024;
  • Must have a NORMAL BMI;
  • Single with NO parental obligation;
  • Must be (minimum barefoot) 5’2” (158.4 cm) for males and 5’0 (152.4 cm) for females pursuant to R.A. 11549;
  • PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY fit to undergo rigorous training;
  • With good moral character (not been convicted of any criminal, administrative, or civil case);
  • No pending complaint and/or case involving moral turpitude or crimes against the state;
  • Not a former cadet of PNPA and other service academies; and
  • Never been dismissed for cause from any private or government position.

All possible questions about this may be answered if the post is carefully read and understood. These requirements cannot be waived or adjusted for conformity. Do not apply if you are not qualified.

ongoing philippine scholarship: bookmark this page for opportunities

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