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Panasonic Scholarship 2024: Apply Now for Bachelor’s Degree!

Are you finding it hard to afford college? Do you want to pursue your dreams but don’t have the money? Panasonic Scholarship is now accepting applicants for 2024.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to Panasonic and its scholarship program. It helps students like you who struggle with finances to go to college. 

You’ll learn how to apply for the Panasonic Scholarship, including qualifications and requirements. Let’s see how Panasonic is helping solve the problem of limited education opportunities. 

Ready to learn how you can make your dreams come true with the Panasonic Scholarship?

About Panasonic Scholarship

Panasonic Holdings Corporation was set up to help society and make people’s lives better. Their slogan,

“Live Your Best,”

Panasonic Holdings Corporation

shows they want to keep making people happy even as things change.

One way they do this is through the Panasonic Scholarship. This scholarship helps students in Asia who want to go to college but may struggle to afford it.

In the Philippines, it’s run by Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation, with support from Panasonic Industrial Devices Philippines Corporation.

They aim to help students who are eager to learn and make a difference in their country, even if money is tight for them.

Eligibility Criteria: 

To qualify for the Panasonic Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. Must be a full-time student enrolled in a state college or university.
  3. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.
  4. Must be a college student.
  5. Must be graduating within the next two years.


Get a monthly allowance with the Panasonic Scholarship. 

Fixed Monthly Allowance:

  • Applicants should be aware that the Panasonic Scholarship offers a fixed monthly allowance to selected candidates.

Application Process: 

To apply for the Panasonic Scholarship, there are a few steps you need to follow. Here’s what you need to know:

Submit the following:

  • Updated CV/Curriculum Vitae
  • CTC/Certificate of True Copy of Grades/TOR (1st year to AY2023-2024) It must have obtained a general weighted average of at least “2.00” with no grade of “5.00”, Unremoved “4.00” or “Incomplete”
  • Recommendation Letter from the Dean One (1) 2×2 picture and School ID
  • email all requirements to:

Application Deadline:

The scholarship application period for S.Y.2024 is now OPEN! Applicants can submit their applications until May 15, 2024.

You can bookmark this page for updates on successful applicants or follow their social media channels for updates and announcements regarding the application process.

Contact Details:

Applicants can reach out to the Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation Scholarship Office at the following address:

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation Panasonic Scholarship Office – Philippines HR-Training, Citizenship, Int PR PMPC-Taytay, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Taytay, Rizal 1920

Final Thoughts:

Before we end, let’s take a moment to appreciate the positive impact of both Panasonic and its Scholarship program. Panasonic isn’t just a company; it’s a force for good, helping people and communities thrive. 

And with the Panasonic Scholarship, they’re making education more accessible, opening doors to brighter futures. 

Now, it’s our turn to spread the word and support this worthy cause. 

Share this opportunity with anyone who could benefit, and let’s work together to empower more individuals and build a better world. 

Your help can truly make a difference. 

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Panasonic Scholarship
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34 responses to “Panasonic Scholarship 2024: Apply Now for Bachelor’s Degree!”

  1. I hope that will be a part of a program

  2. Apple Mae T. Patigdas Avatar
    Apple Mae T. Patigdas

    Dear Ma’am/Sir

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere interest in applying for the Panasonic Scholarship 2024 to assist with my financial needs as I pursue my academic goals.

    As a dedicated and motivated student, I am committed to achieving excellence in my studies despite facing financial challenges. I am responsible enough to take all of it to achieve my goals, despite of achieving my goals i want also to help my parents it comes to financial in my school, i am also an academic achiever and i want to continue it to become a successful someday.

    However, due to my family’s financial circumstances, affording the costs associated with higher education has become increasingly difficult. Receiving this scholarship would not only alleviate some of the financial burden but also allow me to fully focus on my education and future career aspirations.

    I am particularly drawn to become scholar i believe my self to become a part of it my skills and experience will prove to become one. And my aspect and believe that someday i will help my parents, because if you have a goal nothing is imposible. And i want to achieve, why im here applying of this opportunity is because i want to make a way for my goal in the future and also to help my family and make me a strong candidate for this opportunity.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am eager for the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to the Panasonic Scholarship program and demonstrate my dedication to academic excellence.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sincerely, Apple Mae T. Patigdas

    1. Hello! Apple

      Thank you for reaching out. It’s great to hear about your dedication and commitment to your studies. However, we are not the ones offering the scholarship; it is provided by the Panasonic Foundation.

      Please forward your letter to them and make sure to read the full application guide to understand the process. If you are accepted and follow their instructions, feel free to leave a reply here to update us.

      Wishing you the best of luck!

  3. Mauren Alto Avatar
    Mauren Alto

    I need scholarship

  4. franiel Ramos Avatar
    franiel Ramos

    is it okay to apply if I’m pursuing computer tech related course

    1. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.

  5. Jessrill ravalle Avatar
    Jessrill ravalle

    I want to apply. Im a working college students

  6. Marieta Aguilando Avatar
    Marieta Aguilando

    I’m interested po to apply this scholarship.

  7. Jarell Reyes Avatar
    Jarell Reyes

    Hi is this also applicable to BS Customs Administration Course?

    1. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.

  8. Angela Jane Cruz Avatar
    Angela Jane Cruz

    Hi good Day! is the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management eligible for this scholarship? thank you.

    1. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.

  9. John Wenn Gigantoca Avatar
    John Wenn Gigantoca

    Pwede po ba mag apply ang 1st Year College student, na may course na BS ENTREPRENEURSHIP?

    1. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.

  10. Can I ask if an incoming 2nd year college student like me is eligible to apply for this scholarship? I have all the eligibility criteria but I’m doubting because I’m 1st year college now school year 2023-2024 and incoming 2nd yr student in year 2024 to 2025.


    Hello Ma’am/Sir Good Evening, I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, Can i apply?

    1. Yes! as long as you meet the eligibility requirements

    2. Must be pursuing a degree in Engineering, Industrial Design, Accountancy, or Business Administration.


    How to apply ma’am/sir

  13. Kailin Calicdan Avatar
    Kailin Calicdan

    Hello, Good Day! I am currently a 3rd year BS Accountancy student and I’m interested in applying for this scholarship, however we are still on our second semester for the academic year 2023-2024. Is it still possible to apply?

    1. Hello,

      Good day to you too! Thank you for reaching out and expressing your interest in applying for the scholarship. It’s great to hear that you’re interested!

      Just a friendly reminder, before applying, make sure you qualify or meet the required eligibility requirements. Also, ensure you have all the documentary requirements ready and fill out the forms as needed. This will help streamline the application process for you.

      Best of luck with your application!

  14. Hi, Sir! Good day! May I ask if need po ba muna mai-email ang mga requirements? Or may need po muna na fill outan? I am currently on my second year as an engineering student po

  15. Leigh Antoinette Gaille Avatar
    Leigh Antoinette Gaille

    May I ask if it is okay to apply as a 12 grade graduating?

  16. Kishalyn Aquino Avatar
    Kishalyn Aquino

    Hello sir, I’m on my 5th year in college, I’m taking BS Architecture. Am I still counted to your scholarship? I badly need this scholarship for continuing my last year in college.

  17. Genrev Juan Avatar
    Genrev Juan

    Saan po pwede mag download ng application form?

    1. Hello! there is no form provided only the requirements if you plan to apply please read the application process.

    2. Via email po not po form, please read the application process for you to be guided.

      1. Mariz Avatar

        Sir Arvie, to whom are we gonna address the recommendation letter? Is there a format for the letter? Thank you.

        1. Hello! To answer your question, Panasonic didn’t provide a specific recommendation format. You can send all your requirements to ensure to send it before May 15, 2024.

    3. there is no form po, you only need to submit the following requirements

  18. Zai Enriquez Avatar
    Zai Enriquez

    Hello, Sir! I would like to ask regarding the scholarship application’s requirement. My Dean would like to ask if to whom specifically is he going to address the letter? Is there a format of a letter?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello! To answer your question, Panasonic didn’t provide a specific recommendation format. You can send all your requirements to ensure to send it before May 15, 2024.

      1. Zai Enriquez Avatar
        Zai Enriquez

        To whom are we gonna address the letter po?

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