Set Sail for Success: Conquering the PMMA Entrance Exam for AY 2023-2024 Admission

PMMA, or the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, is a premier maritime education institution in the Philippines. The academy is known for its rigorous academic programs and commitment to producing highly skilled and disciplined naval professionals.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry and are considering applying to PMMA, you will need to take the academy’s entrance exam. The PMMA entrance exam evaluates your knowledge and skills in various areas such as math, science, English, and general knowledge.

Preparing for the PMMA entrance exam requires you to review and study the topics covered in the exam. You can find study materials and sample tests online or through review centers specializing in PMMA admission exams.
In addition to the academic requirements, PMMA also has physical fitness and medical conditions that you must meet to be admitted to the academy. These requirements ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared to undergo the rigorous training that PMMA offers.

Overall, admission to PMMA is highly competitive, and only the most qualified and dedicated candidates are accepted. By preparing well for the entrance exam and meeting the academy’s physical and medical requirements, you can increase your chances of being admitted to this prestigious institution and pursuing a rewarding maritime industry career.

Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) is now looking for a new breed of cadets for the Academic Year 2023-2024 (Batch 2027 Class).

The Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), the country’s first maritime school, is sponsored by the government with assistance from the shipping industry. It is the proud mother of the greatest merchant marine officers in the Philippines.

The Admissions Office will accept applications for AY 2023 – 2024

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Boundless opportunities include

  • A government scholarship;
  • Experience a semi-military lifestyle in a leadership environment;
  • Rewarding leadership and training experiences;
  • Travel the world for free while still a cadet;
  • An assured shipboard training onboard international ocean-going vessels;
  • Automatic commissionship in the Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard as Ensign (2Lt);
  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree;
  • 100% employability, immediate hiring by more than thirty (30) partner international and manning companies; and
  • Promising careers in the seafaring industry as master mariners; chief engineers; shipping executives, naval or coast guard officers, educators, and trainers in maritime-related industries/institutions.

However, the process of entering PMMA is not that easy. Out of the average examinees of 6,400, about 5% successfully pass the different stages of the screening process. With the use of this data, we can conclude that successful applicants that subsequently take their oath as full-fledged PMMA midshipmen are only in the range of 300-350 applicants.

Basic Qualification Requirements

  1. Male or female, physically fit, natural born Filipino citizen;
  2. Single and never been married and has no children out of wedlock;
  3. Free from being accused or convicted of any crime against the law and the state;
  4. At least 17 years old and not more than 23 years old upon enrollment;
  5. Grade 12 student; College Level
  6. At least 160 centimeters (5 ft. & 3 in.) for males and 155 centimeters (5 ft. & 1 in.) for females;
  7. BMI of less than 25;
  8. At least of good academic performance;
  9. Has not been enrolled in PMMA.

Medical Disqualifications

For Male Applicants:

  1. Undescended testicles
  2. Absence of one or both testicles
  3. Suspicious enlargement of testis or epididymis
  4. Varicocele
  5. Uncircumcised (must be circumcised before medical exam)
  6. Height less than 5ft & 3 inches

For Female Applicants:

  1. History of childbirth/lactation
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Irregular menstrual cycle including menorrhagia
  4. Dysmenorrhea incapacitates to a degree that necessitates recurrent absences.
  5. Ovarian cyst, persistent and considered clinically significant
  6. New growth of the external and internal genitalia, e.g. myoma of the uterus
  7. Breast mass
  8. Endometrioses unless surgically eradicated or controlled
  9. Cervicitis, acute or chronic
  10. Generalized enlargement of the uterus due to any cause
  11. Cervical polyps
  12. Height: less than 5ft & 1 inch

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For Male and Female Applicants

  1. Lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis (thoracic & lumbar), regardless of the angle
  2. Bowlegged/knocked knee (Severe)
  3. Pes Planus (flat-footed) – Severe
  4. Arthritis, acute or subacute
  5. Underweight or overweight. Applicants must attain a computed body mass index of less than 25 upon physical examination for both male and female applicants.
  6. Severe skin diseases: bacterial, fungal, or viral in nature. Excessive acne. Warts and all skin diseases must be cured before a medical exam.
  7. Leprosy in any form
  8. Tattoo/hypertrophic tattoo scars cause disfigurement and extensive keloid scars, especially in the facial area.
  9. Gross physical deformity asymmetry whether congenital due to trauma or disease including extra or missing appendages (i.e.fingers)
  10. Errors of refraction of eyes (near-sighted, far-sighted, astigmatism), cross-eyed, and other ocular disorders.
  11. Visual Acuity of less than 20/30 OU
  12. Wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses
  13. Color blindness/defective color perception (Ishihara – perfect for BSMT and 2 mistakes for BSMarE)
  14. Deafness/perforated eardrum
  15. Severe or chronic otitis media
  16. Impacted cerumen (must be removed prior to medical exam)
  17. Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps
  18. Hypertension, abnormal ECG tracings (e.g. AV blocks, bundle branch blocks, ischemia, infarctions, arrhythmia tachycardia, bradycardia, etc.), heart abnormalities, and diseases.
  19. Active PTB, massive pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary infarctions, pneumonitis, bronchopneumonia, atelectasis, and other lung diseases.
  20. History of Asthma
  21. Lymphadenopathy
  22. Epilepsy, seizures, syncope, and vertigo
  23. Anemia and blood dyscrasia
  24. Hyperthyroidism (goiter) Hypothyroidism
  25. Diabetes Mellitus
  26. Hepatitis B whether active or inactive
  27. Gallstones
  28. Chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, duodenal ulcers, and other GIT problems
  29. History of major operations within the preceding 6 months
  30. External/internal hemorrhoids and fissures, fistula-in-ano
  31. Old or recent fractures wherein internal fixation plates and screws are left in place which may be easily subjected to trauma
  32. Sexually transmitted diseases i.e. HIV, gonorrhea & non-gonococcal urethritis & syphilis
  33. Hernia
  34. Renal diseases and stones
  35. No current or Maintenance Medication (such as for hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, seizures, syncope, vertigo etc.)

Dental Qualifications:

  1. Cleft palate and Cleft lip
  2. Malocclusion
    • Class II
    • Class III
    • Lateral crossbite
  3. Open bite
  4. Tongue-tied, which may interfere with speech, breathing, swallowing, and eating
  5. Missing four anterior/posterior (front teeth/molar teeth)
  6. Complete upper or lower denture
  7. Impacted tooth/teeth
  8. Facial asymmetry
  9. Wearing of orthodontic brackets or any orthodontic appliances
  10. Oral tumors or cysts

How to Apply

Applicants who wish to take the entrance examination should complete the PMMA Application Form.

From the list of testing centers, applicants must pick their preferred testing center.

If you have concern/s or question/s regarding your application, message the Admissions Office with the following numbers:

  • Tel No. (047) 913-2239, 047 913-4396 loc. 166
  • Mobile:
    • 09666100550 (Globe)
    • 09397856822 (Smart)

Two (2) months after the day of the examination, exam results will be posted on the PMMA website. They will also send individual test results through email that was given by the applicants not later than the same month.

Filing Requirements:

  1. Recent 2×2 colored pictures with a name tag, front view, and white background;
  2. Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate. (Baptismal and Hospital Birth Certificate NOT honored)
  3. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) to be submitted upon enrollment as probationary midshipmen-women
  4. Applicants who are currently in Grade 12:
    • Certification from School Principal that the applicant is currently enrolled as a Grade 12
    • Photocopy of Grade 11 Report Card
  5. Applicants who are Grade 12 Graduates and 1st-year college:
    • Photocopy of Senior High School Diploma
    • Photocopy of Grade 12 Report Card
  6. Applicants who are currently enrolled in College:
    • Photocopy of Registration Form
    • Certified True Copy of Grades
  7. Applicants who are College Graduates:
    • Photocopy of College Diploma
    • Photocopy of Transcript of Records

Note: Prepare all the requirements needed because incomplete filing requirements will not be processed.

The Admissions Office will grant a permit to take the test to each applicant whose credentials have been accepted. Test Permits will be sent to the email address issued by the applicant.

The following are relevant considerations for applicants

  • Prepare a computer or a working device, fully charged and has a stable internet connection.
  • Be online one hour before your scheduled time.
  • Strictly no cheating, it is a ground for disqualification
  • Calculators are not allowed
  • Wear casual clothes

Coverage of PMMA Examination

  • English (Vocabulary, Grammar, Analogy, Reading Comprehension)
  • Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry)
  • Science (General Science, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • Abstract Reasoning

Neuro-Psychological Evaluation

Candidates who will pass the entrance examination are further assessed for Psychological health including:

  • IQ: for intelligence
  • EQ: for emotional stability
  • Personality profiling

Medical Screening

Examinees who successfully pass the Neuro-Psychological Evaluation still have to undergo and pass the following to qualify for admission:

  • Pre-Medical
    • Height/ Weight Requirements
    • Color Perception Test ( ISHIHARA)
    • Snellen’s Eye Test
  • Dental Examination
  • Laboratory Examination
  • Physical Examination

Orientation and Training

A hectic schedule will make up the day of every “proby” which consists of:

  • Military training
  • Refresher course in
    • Mathematics,
    • English and
    • Introductory lectures in Navigation or Marine Engineering

Note that probies will be isolated from their families and friends and prohibited from entertaining visitors.

This Summer Orientation Training is a one and half month indoctrination course where probationary midshipmen are quartered at the PMMA compound during the entire duration of the period. After the Orientation Training, qualified applicants must report to the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy on the first day of July.

Appointment as Midshipman

After passing the: (1) rigid requirements of the Orientation and Indoctrination Period and (2) fully accomplished all necessary papers for registration. The probies will swear in as a Philippine Merchant Marine Academy midshipman. Later on, PMMA Superintendent will be issuing their serial numbers.

*Keep an eye out for the announcement regarding the application period update.

Set Sail for Success: Conquering the PMMA Entrance Exam for AY 2023-2024 Admission

Source: Philippine Merchant Marine Academy

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