Join the Elite: PNPA Cadetship Admission 2023 – A Pathway to Excellence in Law Enforcement

Introduction for the PNPA Cadetship Admission 2023

The PNPA Cadetship Program is a Government Scholarship Program. It is a 4-year schooling and preparation program prompting the Bachelor of Science in Public Safety degree.

Hopeful cadets must take the PNPA Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT) to be equipped for the subsequent enlistment stage.

PNPA (Philippine National Police Academy) is a prestigious institution in the Philippines that trains young individuals to become competent and professional law enforcement officers.

The PNPA is the premier government institution that offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety degree program, which aims to produce highly skilled, responsible, and ethical police officers who will serve the country with honor and excellence.

Admission to the PNPA is highly competitive and selective.

The application process involves several stages, including a written exam, physical fitness test, medical exam, and panel interview.

Applicants must also meet specific requirements, such as being a Filipino citizen, unmarried and without any children, being physically and mentally fit, and having a minimum height of 5’2″ for male and 5’0″ for female applicants

Becoming a PNPA cadet is not just a job but a calling to serve and protect the people of the Philippines. It requires dedication, discipline, and a strong sense of duty.

The PNPA offers a comprehensive training program that covers various aspects of law enforcement, including police operational procedures, criminal investigation, leadership and management, and community relations.

Graduates are appointed as Police Lieutenants of the Philippine National Police, Inspectors of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the Bureau of Fire Protection.

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Qualifications for PNPA Admission

You should have the following qualifications to be able to join the maroon line

  • Natural-born Filipino Citizen;
  • Must be 18-22 years old before June 1, 2024;
  • At least a Senior High School (SHS) Graduate and/or has satisfactorily complied with all the requirements for graduation before July 30, 2024;
  • Must have a NORMAL BMI;
  • Single with NO parental obligation;
  • Must be (minimum barefoot) 5’2” (158.4 cm) for males and 5’0 (152.4 cm) for females pursuant to R.A. 11549;
  • PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY fit to undergo rigorous training;
  • With good moral character (not been convicted of any criminal, administrative, or civil case);
  • No pending complaint and/or case involving moral turpitude or crimes against the state;
  • Not a former cadet of PNPA and other service academies; and
  • Never been dismissed for cause from any private or government position.

All possible questions about this may be answered if the post is carefully read and understood. These requirements cannot be waived or adjusted for conformity. Do not apply if you are not qualified.

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When is the actual PNPACAT?

The examination will be on August 2023 and is subject to the approval of the CPNP. PNPA will make an official announcement.

Where will the PNPACAT be held?

In the 34 Testing Centers Nationwide. Those will be provided as choices in your online application (active) sixty (60) days before the exam.

Grounds for Medical Disqualifications

  • Defective Visual Perception (color blindness, nearsighted/farsighted with corrective eyeglasses or lens, nystagmus);
  • Physical Deformities Example: bowlegged or congenital defects;
  • The perforated eardrum, chronic sinusitis, bleeding tendencies, hemorrhoids, hernia (if not treated), varicocele, extensive skin disorders;
  • History of heart disease, hypertension, asthma, active PTB, kidney and liver diseases, epileptic seizure disorders, major operations; communicable diseases (such as AIDS, Hepatitis, VD, etc.);
  • Full dentures, upper and lower, Cleft lip and palate, malocclusion, Deformities of the face, Open bite, Tongue-tied, missing four(4) anterior or front teeth & Missing six (6) posterior/molar teeth;
  • Tattoos or other brotherhood marks;
  • Ear piercing for males and multiple ear piercing for females;
  • For Females: Goiter; History of pregnancy; Presence of breast mass; Painful menstruation;
  • Any other similar defects which may hinder the Cadetship Training Program.

Exemption for PNPACAT

In contrast to the previous PNPACAT, college graduates who obtained Latin honors and senior high school graduates with the highest honors are NO LONGER EXCLUDED FROM TAKING THE EXAM.

Grounds for Disqualification in the Online Application

  1. When an applicant fails to meet the initial qualifications;
  2. When an applicant deliberately inputs false and/or incorrect entries in any of the fields of the online application form;
  3. When an applicant uploads any fraudulent document; and
  4. Incomplete entries not satisfying the online application requirements.

Benefits of a PNPA Cadet

One of the benefits of turning into a piece of the PNPA Cadetship program is that you will be a researcher of the public authority.

They offer a full scholarship grant for a very long time of preparation and instruction with pay and recompenses.

  • Full scholarship grant for four (4) years leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety
  • Free tuition fee, clothing, subsistence, and accommodation;
  • Comprehensive Training and Education Program;
  • Opportunity to participate in partner institution-hosted activities/exchanges i.e. Korean Police Academy, INTERPA, etc.
  • With pay and allowances of not less than PhP38,366.00 monthly; and
  • Opportunity to serve our country and people in permanent duty status with full benefits upon appointment as Police Lieutenant in the PNP and Fire and Jail Inspector in the BFP and BJMP after graduation.

Phases of Screening

Candidates who effectively passed the PNPACAT will meet all requirements for the following period of screening which as follows:

  1. Physical Agility Test (PAT);

The following are the passing scores in each event for PAT:

Male:3 Reps	Female:N/A
Full Arms Hanging
Male:N/A	Female:45 Sec
2 Min Push-Ups
Male:25 Reps	Female25 Reps
2 Min Sit-Ups
Male:40 Reps	Female:40 Reps
100 Meter Dash
Male:18 Sec        Female:20 Sec
3 Km Run
Male:24 Mins	Female:27 Mins
  1. Psychological and Psychiatric Examination (PPE);
  2. Physical, Medical, and Dental Examination (PMDE); and,
  3. Panel Interview.

When is the start of the Online Application?

The PNPA Online Application is NOW OPEN.

The PNPA admission opens on January 20, 2023, and will be closed on July 30, 2023.

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Join the Elite: PNPA Admission 2023 - A Pathway to Excellence in Law Enforcement

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Source: Philippine National Police Academy

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    1. I want to apply this opportunity because this is one of my dream and Hopefully in God’s will I can apply this because I want to become a PNPA soon to serve our and help out country with all of my heart and also to help other people.

      1. Potenciano Dacanay

        I want to apply this opportunities because this is my dream course since i was a kid and i want to serve and protect to our country.

    2. Jorine romon jadol

      I want to apply this opportunities because to help my family and I hope I want to succeed

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  5. I am John Aldritz Tapong Yebron from Hangi, Las Navas, Northern Samar. my father is farmer and my mother is house wife, Kami po ay mahirap lang, and I will try to apply this scholarship. this is opportunity of me to continue my study. my ambition is Police General someday, and I hope na Isa Ako sa mapili for this scholarship. thank you:)

  6. Ferdawzia M. Dugasan

    I want to try and purse my dreams to become a police inshallah. And I’m 3rd year college 21 year old taking a bachelor in early childhood education major in childhood education

  7. Vanessa Landiao

    Good day! I am Vanessa Landiao
    From Molum lapuyan Zamboanga Del sur, I’m Here To Apply PNPA I hope that my message will be notice .Thank you!

  8. Rico Yan Absalon

    From CALBAYOG City sana po maka pasuk ako para matupad mo ang pina pangaram ni mama, sana po mapain sin ito.


  9. I want to apply this opportunity because this is one of my dream and Hopefully in God’s will I can apply this because I want to become a PNPA soon to serve our and help out country with all of my heart and also to help other people.

  10. This is very help not just for me but for all the people around the nation I really thank and appreciate your help and give us opportunity for our future and for our country Godbless you all and Thank

    Justine Allen Angeles

  11. Hi ma’am/sir I’m Bejie G. Gerona willing to apply PNPA because i want to become a future law enforcer soon.

  12. Good day Ma’am/Ser I’m Norwen Cabarles applying for scholarships, I’m currently working student to support my self because I haven’t money for my studies. I hope that I get accepted, I need this because I don’t have enough financial to support myself this upcoming school year, please consider.

  13. Norme Oyog Tomo

    Good evening sir/maam Gusto ko po mag apply this oppurtunities because malaking tulong po ito sa akin sana mapansin niyo ito. Salamat🙏🙏🙏🙏


    I’m JEDIDIA ELIEZER R. ORTEGA grade 12 graduates.18 years of age.
    Determine to be a Police men someday.
    I wanted to apply as one of your scholar.

    Kindly consider me as an applicant.

  15. John Lloyd Cabase

    Good day po ma’am/sir! I’m willing to apply po and grab this rare opportunity. But when I start to fill out the form, the testing center is very far from my place. Taga Davao Del Sur po kasi ako. Ask ko lang po if kung meron po bang testing center dito po sa Davao City. Sobrang layo po kasi ng Mati City at wala po kaming pera pang gastos sa byahe.

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  19. Kian Sandrey B Ochea

    I want to grab this opportunity since i want to become a police officer,this is my biggest dream and i want to pursue it.

  20. Juvy Anoyo Balasbas


    I need to apply for my daughter’s college, I am a single mom and an OFW in Saudi Arabia as a labor worker- kindly help me with this scholarship to grant to my daughter.


    I Hope you’ll give me a chance sir/ma’am.

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