Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA: Empowering Development Researchers

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA: Empowering Development Researchers


Are you a graduate student from a World Bank member country, passionate about research, and looking to advance your education? Look no further than the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA! This paid fellowship program is designed to support outstanding scholars from developing countries by providing them with financial aid and resources to conduct research that aligns with the World Bank’s goal of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

This introduction will explore the program’s benefits and offer advice to help you prepare a robust application.

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If you want to apply for the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA, start early and research the program thoroughly. Ensure your research proposal aligns with the World Bank’s mission, and highlight your academic and professional achievements.

Get feedback from professors and mentors and contact the program’s support team with any questions. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success.

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program

  • United States of America
  • The World Bank
  • The development research department of the World Bank
  • Impact evaluation department of the World Bank
  • The duration of the Robert S. McNamara Fellowship is 8 months.
  • The level of the program supported by the fellowship is doctoral level.
  • Economics
  • International development
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Public policy
  • Political science
  • Data Science
  • Statistics
  1. The RSMFP offers competitive compensation, totaling $44,888 net of income taxes per fellow for an 8-month fellowship (paid in monthly installments).
  2. Since the fellows will be hosted at the World Bank in Washington D.C., the World Bank’s HR Operations unit will assist the selected candidates with their ap­plication for a G4 visa.
  3. Note: The fellowship does not cover travel expenses.

Professional experience: Fellows will work on World Bank projects under the direct supervision of World Bank DEC researchers and will be offered training on cutting-edge research practices and technologies and engage with the World Bank operations. Depending on the nature of the projects, fellows may contribute to DEC’s published work, co-author with DEC researchers, join field missions, or directly engage with World Bank clients.

Capacity building:  Fellows will receive a one-week technical onboarding at the start of the program, including training on reproducible research practices. During the program, fellows will participate in hands-on training and seminars by top economists to further build skills. Through their work with DEC economists, fellows will enhance their ability to identify, study, and write about important development policy questions.

Research dissemination: Fellows will be invited to write a blog based on their fellowship research within DEC. This is an opportunity to showcase their research and contribution to development policy discussions. Each year, the top 4 blogs will be published on DEC’s Let’s Talk Development blog.


To be considered for the RSMFP, applicants must be:

  1. Nationals of World Bank WBG member countries, with preference to nationals of developing countries;
  2. Fluent in English;
  3. Graduates of master’s level studies or currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics or a related field;
  4. No more than 35 years of age (by June 30, 2023);
  5. Available to relocate to Washington, D.C., for the duration of the fellowship.

Applications for the 2023 cohort are now open until April 3, 2023. To apply, applicants must submit the following:

  1. An updated CV
  2. A statement of purpose describing their research interests and professional objectives and discussing their qualifications as development researchers.
  3. Contact details for a reference who can provide a letter of recommendation (letters will only be requested for shortlisted candidates)
  4. An optional writing sample
  5. An optional code sample

Fellowships will be awarded based on application materials, knowledge of relevant economic methods, and demonstrated skills in required statistical software. The formation of the cohort will seek to achieve geographical and gender representation.

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program
  1. Review the eligibility criteria
  2. Select the research program that best aligns with your research interests.
  3. Prepare the required application documents (updated CV, statement of purpose, contact information for academic referee, optional writing, and code samples)
  4. Indicate at least one and at most two academic references
  5. Submit your application through the online application portal before April 3rd, 2023
  6. Receive an email confirming receipt of your application after submission.

In conclusion, the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA now accepts applications until April 3, 2023. This program provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring development researchers to enhance their skills and knowledge. Applicants must submit an updated CV, a statement of purpose, contact details for reference, and optional writing and code samples.

Fellowships will be awarded based on the application materials, knowledge of appropriate economic methods, and demonstrated skills in required statistical software. The program aims to achieve geographical and gender representation in cohort formation.

It is an excellent chance for development researchers to advance their careers and make a difference.


The deadline to apply is April 3, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET.

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023 in the USA: Empowering Development Researchers

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