Looking for a Scholarship with High Benefits? Earn up to P100k - The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a Scholarship with High Benefits? Earn up to P100k – The Ultimate Guide


Are you a student looking for ways to reduce the financial burden of pursuing higher education? The good news is that you can earn up to P100k worth of scholarships!

Scholarships can be a great way to fund your education, but applying for them can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the process and help you apply for a high-benefit scholarship.

This guide will take you through the steps to research, prepare and submit a successful scholarship application.

So, let’s begin your journey to achieving your academic goals!

It is important to note that these benefits may not necessarily occur in this exact order, and some may overlap. However, receiving financial assistance is often the first benefit of being a scholar.

It enables the student to pursue their studies with less financial stress. From there, recognition and prestige can help boost confidence and professional prospects.

Enhanced learning and networking opportunities can further improve the scholar’s academic and professional growth.

Being a scholar can provide numerous benefits that positively impact one’s academic, professional, and personal life.

A Complete Guide on How to Apply for a High Benefits Scholarship

What Are the Different Types of Scholarship Programs in the Philippines?

  • Academic Scholarship Programs

Academic scholarship programs are financial aid programs offered to students who excel academically. These scholarships are typically awarded based on a student’s academic achievements, such as high grades, outstanding test scores, and other literary accomplishments. Examples are the following:

  • Athletic Scholarship Programs

Colleges and universities award athletic scholarship programs to student-athletes who demonstrate exceptional athletic abilities in a specific sport. Colleges and universities usually offer these scholarships and cover some or all of the student’s tuition, room, board, and other expenses.

To be eligible for athletic scholarships, students must meet specific academic requirements and maintain a certain GPA. The scholarship amount may vary depending on the student’s athletic ability, academic performance, and financial need.

  • Talent – or Skill – Based Scholarship Programs

Colleges, universities, or private organizations typically award talent- or skill-based scholarship programs to students who exhibit exceptional talents or skills in music, art, or writing. These scholarships can cover some or all of the student’s tuition and other expenses.

To be eligible for talent- or skill-based scholarships, students must typically demonstrate their exceptional abilities by submitting portfolios, auditions, or other work samples showcasing their talent or skill. The scholarship amount may vary depending on the level of talent or skill demonstrated by the student and the availability of funds.

  • Leadership Excellence Scholarship Programs

Colleges, universities, or private organizations typically award leadership excellence scholarships to students with strong leadership skills and potential. These scholarships can cover some or all of the student’s tuition and other expenses.

To be eligible for leadership excellence scholarships, students must demonstrate their leadership potential by participating in extracurricular activities, community services, or other leadership roles, such as student government or volunteering. The scholarship amount may vary depending on the level of leadership demonstrated by the student and the availability of funds.

2023 Scholarships Available in the Philippines

  1. BPI Foundation, Inc. Unveils Pagpupugay Scholarship Grant 2023-2024
  2. CHED Merit Scholarship Program 2023-2024
  3. Juan’s Tech-Voc Scholarship 2023-2024
  4. Philippine Coast Guard Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program for 2023-2024
  5. Rebisco Foundation, Inc. Financial Assistance for Tertiary Education (FATE) in AY 2023-2024
  6. Transform Your Future: CHED Merit Scholarship Program 2023-2024
  7. CHED Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) AY 2023-2024 for First Semester
  8. Ayala Foundation Inc. Scholarship Program SY 2023-2024! Urgent Call to Action
  9. Security Bank Foundation, Inc. External Scholarship Program 2023
  10. Aboitiz College Scholarship Program 2023
  11. GSAC College Scholarship Program 2023
  12. Henry Howard Scholarship 2023
  13. AcadArena Valkyrae Homecoming Scholarship 2023

Tips And Warnings

  1. Secure your requirements as early as possible. Some conditions take weeks or months to process, and any delay might affect your application process. Thus, it will give you an edge if you secure them early.
  2. Keep an eye on scholarship openings. Make it a habit to check the internet for possible scholarship programs regularly.
  3. Study hard. Applying for a scholarship means you need to have impressive grades. Thus, studying hard must be part of your lifestyle.
  4. Apply to different scholarship programs. Increase your odds of getting a scholarship by sending your application to multiple scholarship programs.
  5. Get updates from your university’s scholarship office. Most universities have offices that help students with their scholarship applications. They provide updates regarding scholarship openings, whether it is a government or private scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pass A Scholarship Interview?

Here are some tips on how to pass a scholarship interview:

  • Research the scholarship organization: Before the interview, research the organization and learn about its values, goals, and previous scholarship recipients. It will help you understand what they are looking for in a candidate and help you tailor your answers to their expectations.
  • Practice your answers: Prepare answers to common interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself” and “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” Practice answering these questions out loud and in front of a mirror or with a friend.

Sample Questions:

  1. Why do you think you are a good candidate for this scholarship?
  2. What inspired you to pursue this particular field of study?
  3. How will this scholarship be used to achieve your academic and career goals?
  4. What are your academic achievements so far?
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses, and how do you plan to overcome your weaknesses?
  6. Describe a time when you faced a significant academic challenge and how you overcame it.
  7. What extracurricular activities are you involved in, and how have they contributed to your personal and educational growth?
  8. What do you think sets you apart from other candidates?
  9. Describe your long-term career aspirations, and how does this scholarship fit into your plans?
  10. What should the scholarship committee know about you that needs to be reflected in your application?
  • The tip for passing a scholarship interview is to dress professionally. It is recommended to wear business attire to demonstrate your seriousness about the scholarship and the interview process.
  • Be confident and enthusiastic: Show enthusiasm for the scholarship and future goals. Speak, maintain eye contact, and be confident in your answers.
  • Highlight your achievements: Showcase your achievements and accomplishments in academics, extracurricular activities, community service, and leadership roles. These achievements demonstrate your qualifications for the scholarship.
  • Be honest and authentic: Be genuine in your answers. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and don’t exaggerate your achievements or experiences.
  • Thank the interviewer: After the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. It’s also a good idea to follow up with a thank-you email or note to reiterate your gratitude and interest in the scholarship.

How to write an essay that answers the Question ” Why do you deserve this Scholarship?”

Here are some tips to help you write an essay that answers the question, “Why do you deserve this scholarship”:

  • Start with a strong introduction: Begin your essay with a hook that captures the reader’s attention and provides background information about yourself.

Here are some examples:

  1. “Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I’m excited to be here. I’m a recent graduate with a degree in [Your Field], and I’m passionate about [Your Field] because it allows me to combine my love of [Your Interest] with my desire to [Your Goal].”
  2. “Good morning, my name is [Your Name], and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself. I am a dedicated [Your Field] professional with [Number of Years] of experience in [Your Field], and I have a proven track record of [Your Accomplishments].”
  3. “Hi, I’m [Your Name], and I’m thrilled to be here today. I am a [Your Field] expert with a background in [Your Background], and I have a strong passion for [Your Field] because it allows me to [Your Passion].”
  4. “Greetings, my name is [Your Name], and I’m delighted to be here. As a [Your Field] enthusiast with a background in [Your Background], I am eager to share my insights and experience with you today.”
  5. “Hello, I’m [Your Name], and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am a [Your Field] professional with a passion for [Your Passion], and I’m excited to be here today to discuss [Topic of Discussion].”
  • Read and understand the prompt: Carefully read the prompt and ensure you know what the scholarship committee is looking for in a candidate. Tailor your essay to address the specific criteria listed in the prompt.
  • Highlight your achievements: Showcase your academic and extracurricular accomplishments demonstrating your qualifications for the scholarship. Use specific examples and statistics to back up your claims.
  • Emphasize your goals: Explain how the scholarship will help you achieve your educational and career goals. Discuss your plans and how the scholarship will be instrumental in helping you reach your aspirations.
  • Be authentic in your essay and avoid exaggerating your achievements or experiences. Write in your voice and be true to who you are.
  • Edit and proofread: After you’ve written your essay, take the time to review and revise it. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure your essay flows logically and effectively.
  • Have someone else review your essay: Ask a friend, teacher, or mentor to read your article and provide feedback. They can catch errors or offer suggestions that can help you improve your essay.

By following these tips, you can write a compelling essay that showcases your qualifications and explains why you are the best candidate for the scholarship.

Looking for a Scholarship with High Benefits? Earn up to P100k - The Ultimate Guide

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