Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU)

Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU)

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Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) is a top school in the Bataan area. It was formed in 2007 by bringing together local schools. Its mission is to promote community and national development through quality education and programs.

About Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU)

Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU)

Guided by a vision to become a leading university in the Philippines by 2030, recognized for its proactive contribution to Sustainable Development through equitable and inclusive programs and services, BPSU is committed to empowering its students and communities alike.

Originally comprising three campuses located in the City of Balanga and Orani, the passage of RA 9403 facilitated BPSU’s expansion.

Integrating Bataan State College in Dinalupihan and its satellite campus in Abucay, BPSU now boasts five campuses, each with a rich history and a promising future.

Continuously evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, BPSU remains at the forefront of educational excellence.

With programs granted Level 1 Accreditation from AACCUP and numerous others scheduled for accreditation, the university ensures quality education for its students.

Its faculty, equipped with remarkable skills and knowledge, uphold academic standards, with many pursuing post-baccalaureate studies to further enhance their expertise.

Despite challenges, including budget cuts, BPSU remains resilient, leveraging internal revenue-generating projects and forging partnerships with local and international agencies.

Its commitment to excellence, coupled with low tuition fees and a safe environment, has led to a steady increase in enrollment and a reputation for producing top-notch graduates.

For BPSU, the journey towards a dignified future is marked by unwavering determination and a relentless pursuit of academic and societal advancement.


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