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Education is a path to opportunity, but financial hurdles can block the way. That’s where the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program steps in, it helps aspiring scholars, including 4Ps beneficiaries, access higher education. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program. From detailing the step-by-step application process to outlining the specific requirements you need to meet, we’ve got you covered. 

Additionally, we’ll provide background information on CHED and the program itself, shedding light on its origins and objectives.

Furthermore, we’ll dive into the benefits of the scholarship, exploring how it’s transforming the lives of aspiring scholars. 

So, join us as we uncover the opportunities that await through the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship and discover how it’s empowering students to pursue their academic goals and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

About the Commission on Higher Education: CHED TDP

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is a government agency under the Office of the President of the Philippines, established on May 18, 1994, through Republic Act No. 7722. CHED is responsible for regulating and governing all higher education institutions and post-secondary educational programs in the country. 

Among CHED’s prominent scholarship initiatives is the Tulong Dunong Program (TDP), commonly known as CHED-TDP. This program aims to support eligible and qualified Filipino students in their educational pursuits. 

Through collaboration with the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), CHED administers this scholarship grant to assist students with their educational expenses and tuition fees. 

The Tulong Dunong Program targets new grantees enrolled or planning to enroll in CHED-recognized programs at Private Higher Education Institutions (Private HEIs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) with Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC).

For eligibility, candidates must meet the following qualifications


1. Filipino undergraduate students

2. Enrolled in any first undergraduate degree programs in SUCS, LUCs, or Private Higher Education Institutions included in the CHED Registry

3. The combined gross income of the household (parent or guardian) must not exceed PHP 400,000 in one year

4. Must not exceed the prescribed program

5. Not a beneficiary of TES, CHED Scholarship Programs (CSPs), and other national government-funded StuFAPs.

These qualifications are necessary for candidates to be considered eligible for the scholarship program.

Application Process:

Understanding how to apply for the program is essential for everyone. Let’s break down the process step by step.


Now, let’s outline the specific requirements applicants need to fulfill to complete the application process:

CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship

For New Applicants:

1. Tulong Dunong Program-Tertiary Education Subsidy Application Form  

2. Certified True Copy/ Electronically Generated Certificate of Enrolment (COE) or Certificate of Registration (COR) showing the number of units enrolled as proof of enrollment.

3. Certificate of Indigency as proof of income signed by the Punong Barangay where the applicant lives.

4. Two photocopies of current and valid School ID – front and back.

5. One piece of 1×1 picture.

6. Accomplished TDP-TES Grant Program Form available at the CITY HALL SATELLITE OFFICE upon submission of the previous documentary requirements.

For Continuing Beneficiaries:

1. Certified True Copy/ Electronically Generated Certificate of Enrolment (COE) or Certificate of Registration (COR) showing the number of units enrolled as proof of enrollment.

2. Certified True Copy of Leave of Absence (LOA) submitted to the HEI for students returning after not enrolling for one semester within an academic year (if applicable).

Income Requirements:

  • The latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and a Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Form 2316 for fixed income earners’ parents/guardians if employed.
  • A Certificate of Tax Exemption from the BIR for unemployed parents/guardians.
  • A Certificate of Indigence from the Barangay.
  • A Certificate of Indigence/Case Study from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
  • For the children of OFW and Seafarers, the latest copy of the contract or proof of income.

Application Deadlines:

The deadline for submitting applications for the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship for the school year 2024-2025 is within the academic year. Make sure to check the official announcement or CHED’s website for updates on the application deadline.

For Scholarship applicants in Albay, Philippines, follow a clear timeline for the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship:

  1. Orientation for Barangay Leaders: From January 23-27, Punong Barangays receive comprehensive orientations on the scholarship program.
  1. Localized Screening and Compliance: Between January 24-31, Albay applicants submit their documents to Barangay offices for initial screening and compliance checks.
  1. Submission and Validation: Applicants in Albay finalize their submissions to LGU Focal Persons for thorough validation from February 1-2.
  1. Awarding Ceremony: Albay’s successful applicants celebrate their achievements during the awarding ceremony from February 13-17.

CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship – Albay: List of Schools

For Albay, students aiming for further education have the chance to apply for the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship. This list features schools participating in the program. Let’s explore the educational opportunities available in Albay through these institutions.

  1. Bicol College
  2. Ago Medical And Educational Center
  3. De Vera Institute Of Technology
  4. University Of Sto. Tomas – Legazpi
  5. Bicol University
  6. Computer Arts And Technological College
  7. Divine Word College Of Legazpi, Inc.
  8. Immaculate Conception College – Albay
  9. Ligao Community College
  10. Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation Of Legazpi City
  11. Mater Salutis College Seminary
  12. Polangui Community College
  13. Polytechnic Institute Of Tabaco
  14. Republic Colleges Of Guinobatan
  15. Perpetual Help Paramedical School, Inc.
  16. San Jose Community College
  17. Tabaco College
  18. Tanchuling College
  19. STI College – Legazpi
  20. Tiwi Community College
  21. Zamora Memorial College
  22. Colegio De Sta. Monica Of Polangui
  23. Computer Communication Development Institute – Legazpi City
  24. AMA Computer College – Legazpi City
  25. PLT College Of Guinobatan
  26. OAS Community College
  27. Libon Community College
  28. West Coast College
  29. Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation – Legazpi
  30. Daraga Community College
  31. Amando Cope College
  32. Forbes College
  33. Belen B. Francisco Foundation
  34. Infotech Development Systems Colleges
  35. Our Lady Of Salvation College

Priority Courses:

Listed below are priority courses recognized by CHED and offered by universities and colleges across the Philippines. 

These courses cover a wide range of subjects like science, technology, engineering, agriculture, mathematics, and other specialized fields. 

CHED acknowledges these programs as vital for addressing industry needs and supporting national development.

A. Science:

  • Physics/Applied Physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Meteorology
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Criminology
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Industrial Security Administration
  • Geology
  • Human Biology
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Disaster Risk Management/Climate Change
  • Zoology

B. Technology:

  • Civil Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Information System
  • Library and Information Science
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Computing
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aviation Technology

C. Engineering:

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering/Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Geodetic Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing/Production Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Transportation
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

D. Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries:

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Agriculture and its hybrid programs
  • Agro-Forestry
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Animal Science
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Fisheries
  • Food Technology/Science
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture

E. Mathematics:

  • Statistics/Applied Statistics
  • Math/Applied Math

F. Other Priority Courses:

  • Business Administration with Specialization/Major/Track in Business Analytics
  • Business Administration with Specialization/Major/Track in Business Processing Outsource
  • Hospitality Management/Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Tourism/Travel Management

These priority courses are recognized by CHED and offered by Private Higher Education Institutions (Private HEIs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs).

Programs and Grant Benefits:

As part of the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program, successful applicants can access a range of benefits designed to support their tertiary education journey. 

  • Grantees or student beneficiaries are entitled to receive a grant of fifteen thousand pesos (Php 15,000) per academic year.
  • This financial assistance is designed to support tertiary education expenses, including school fees or tuition expenses.
  • Additionally, the grant provides a living allowance to help students manage their day-to-day expenses while pursuing their education.

How to Apply:

  1. Enrollment Confirmation:

Upon enrollment in the first semester of an academic year, students should take the initiative to confirm their enrollment status.

  1. Contact TES Focal Person:

Reach out to the TES Focal Person at your Higher Education Institution (HEI). Ensure that your name and accurate information are included in the list of applicants.

  1. Submission to TES Online Portal:

The TES Focal Person will be responsible for submitting the applicants’ information to the TES Online Portal.

  1. Nationwide Assessment:

Submitted information will undergo a Nationwide Assessment through the TES Online Portal.

  1. Tulong Dunong Program Application Form: 

Complete the Tulong Dunong Program Application Form, which may be provided by the TES Focal Person or available through the official channels.


All interested and eligible candidates in Albay can apply for the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship 2024-2025 by following these steps:

Application Process – Applicant to Punong Barangay:

  1. Claim Application Form:

Obtain the application form from the office of the Punong Barangay.

  1. Complete Application Form:

Fill out the college scholarship application form accurately.

  1. Submit Requirements:

Submit the completed forms and required documents to the office of the Punong Barangay for initial screening.

  1. Confirmation Email:

Wait for a confirmation email from your respective LGU Focal Person regarding your application status.

  1. Awarding Ceremony Schedule:

Upon confirmation, expect to receive the schedule of the awarding ceremony for Scholarship Grant Beneficiaries via email.

Application Process – Punong Barangay to LGU Focal Person:

  1. Screening and Distribution:

Punong Barangays screen qualified applicants, distribute application forms, and consolidate requirements.

  1. Submission to LGU Focal Person:

Submit the accomplished forms and requirements to the LGU Focal Person for further processing.

  1. Assistance During Ceremony:

Provide assistance to beneficiaries during the awarding ceremony as needed.

These steps outline the application process for aspiring CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship recipients in Albay, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for both applicants and administering authorities. 

Final Thoughts:

The CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program plays a crucial role in supporting students across the Philippines. It offers financial assistance and educational support to help them achieve their academic dreams. 

With a wide variety of priority courses available, the program ensures that quality education is accessible to all. Through this initiative, CHED empowers students to unlock their potential and make meaningful contributions to the country.

Aspiring scholars, seize the opportunity provided by the CHED Tulong Dunong Scholarship Program. Take the first step towards your educational journey by understanding the program’s requirements and application process. Your future awaits. 

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