Higher education often faces financial hurdles, especially for those who’ve completed their Bachelor’s degree and aspire to pursue further studies like research or a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Imagine completing college but still craving more knowledge. The PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship supports students eager to continue learning despite financial barriers.

Let’s see how you can qualify and what you need to apply for this scholarship. With it, you can reach your educational goals, whether you want to study more or do research.

About the Philippine Space Agency: PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program:

The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA), established under Republic Act No. 11363 in August 2019, leads the nation’s exploration of space.

Serving as the central authority for space science, technology, and applications in the Philippines, PhilSA drives progress in the country’s space initiatives.

PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program:

Aligned with its mission to advance space-related fields, PhilSA oversees the AD ASTRA Scholarship program.

This initiative empowers graduates who have completed their Bachelor’s degree and are aiming to pursue research or a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Space Science, Technology, and Applications (SSTA), including specialized areas such as space law, diplomacy, and economics.

The AD ASTRA Scholarship program provides comprehensive funding covering tuition fees, living expenses, and research costs.

Additionally, scholars can engage in sandwich programs, alternating between domestic and international research or study periods to broaden their expertise.

The AD ASTRA Scholarship program is strategically aligned with PhilSA’s Key Development Areas (KDAs), ensuring scholars contribute significantly to advancing space science and technology in the Philippines. 

Who Can Apply for the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program and How to Qualify? 


Knowing  if you qualify for the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program is crucial for those seeking educational support. 

In the following section, we provide an overview of the eligibility requirements tailored to assist eligible candidates in their pursuit of higher education and scholarships.

Age Limit:

  1. Must not be more than 45 years old at the time of application for Masters and Doctorate Scholarships.
  2. Must not be more than 50 years old for stand-alone sandwich programs.

Citizenship and Health:

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. Must be in good health.

Character and Background:

  1. Must be of good moral character, as attested by two (2) character references.
  2. Must have no pending administrative/criminal case.
  3. Must have no pending service obligation from any previous scholarship programs unless there is a clearance or consent from the previous granting institution allowing the postponement of return service obligation and indicating that monitoring of the previous service obligation will not be transferred to PhilSA.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. Must have a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.
  2. Must have passed the admission requirements of any CHED-recognized Higher Educational Institution (HEI) (for local scholarship applicants).
  3. Must have passed the internal scholarship process of his/her Department/Agency (for government employees).
  4. Must have been accepted to their host institution.

Research Plan:

  1. Must have a research/thesis/dissertation plan in line with the Key Development Areas of PhilSA.

Priority Areas or Fields:

The scholarship will fund studies in disciplines related to space science and technology applications such as, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems
  • Climate Change and Variability
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital and Analogue Electronics
  • Earth Science Applications
  • Earth System Modelling
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Fundamental and Applied Physics
  • Geological Science
  • Geospatial Science and Technologies
  • Hydrological Science
  • Materials Science or Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Ocean Science
  • Orbit, Dynamics Mission and Synthesis
  • Planetary Science
  • Radio Frequency Electronics
  • Software Engineering
  • Space Biology
  • Space Chemistry
  • Space Diplomacy
  • Space Economics
  • Space Education
  • Space Industry
  • Space Law
  • Space Medicine
  • Space Physics
  • Space Policy
  • System Engineering
  • Terrestrial and Planetary Environmental Science and Engineering

Application Process:

After confirming that you meet the qualifications, it’s crucial to understand how to apply for the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program. 

Let’s go through the step-by-step process together to ensure you have a smooth and successful application.

How to Apply:

Before applying, please ensure to download the following application forms and fill them out thoroughly and accurately:

  1. Form 1: AD ASTRA Scholarship Program Application Form
  2. Form 2: Letter of Recommendation Form
  3. Form 3A: Research and Career Plans (For Applicants to a Degree Program)
  4. Form 3B: Research Implementation Plan (For Applicants to Sandwich Program. Please attach approved research proposal together with this form.)
  5. Form 4: Proposed Budget for the Graduate Program
  6. Form 5: Medical Certificate
  • Complete the application forms and gather all required documents.
  • Submit your application to scholarships@philsa.gov.ph, or apply online via ApplyToPhilSAADASTRA.


“Beginning 2024, applications shall be accepted throughout the year, but with specific deadlines per scholarship category.”

The deadline submission for 

  1. Local Scholarships
    • June 15 for First Semester Intake
    • October 15 for Second Semester Intake
  1. Stand-alone Sandwich Program
    • March 30
  1. Foreign Scholarships
    • March 30 for August to December Intake
    • Augusto 30 for January to July Intake for the following year

Ensure that your application is submitted before this date.


  1. Cover Letter
  2. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  3. Passport-size photo
  4. Photocopy of birth certificate
  5. Medical certificate
  6. Valid NBI Clearance
  7. Certified True Copy of Grades/Transcript of Records
  8. Certified True Copy of Diploma/Certificate of Graduation
  9. Certificate of No Pending Administrative Case (for government employees)
  10. Certificate of No Pending Service Obligation or Certificate of Deferment of Return Service (if applicable)
  11. Proof of acceptance in University or host institution
  12. Endorsement letter from Head of Agency (for government employees, if applicable)

Selection process:

The Scholarship Application, Evaluation, and Award process follows the flowchart, providing a visual representation for verification or reference purposes. You can refer to the attached image for a clearer understanding of the process.


Eligibility Screening: Initial screening conducted by the AD ASTRA Scholarship Secretariat to assess applicants’ eligibility.

Evaluation and Interview: The AD ASTRA Scholarship Committee evaluates applications and may conduct interviews if necessary to further assess candidates.

Endorsement to Director General: The Scholarship Committee endorses evaluated applications to the Director General for final approval.

Director General’s Approval: If the application packet is complete and the applicant meets the eligibility criteria, the Director General approves the scholarship.

Notification of Acceptance: Successful applicants receive a Notice of Acceptance. Upon acceptance of the scholarship offer:

Documentation Submission: Grantees provide necessary documents to the AD ASTRA Secretariat as a reference for the grant of amounts.

Issuance of Certificate: The Certificate of Scholarship is issued to the successful applicant.

Signing of Agreement: Grantees prepare and sign the Scholarship Agreement.

Disbursement: The AD ASTRA Secretariat crafts a Disbursement Schedule and Process for the release of entitlements.

After this, eligible applicants are officially PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholar!

NOTE: Notification of Non-qualification: If the application packet is incomplete or the applicant is ineligible, a Decision Letter is sent to non-qualifiers.

Next, let’s delve into the exciting benefits and opportunities awaiting successful applicants of the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program.

Programs and Scholarship Benefits:

Applicants selected for the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program are granted the following privileges for the duration corresponding to their approved application by PhilSA, along with compliance with the terms and conditions of scholarship privileges release:

Tuition and other school feesCovers actual tuition fees and all other related school fees.ActualActual
Stipend (accommodation, meals, incidental expenses)Contribution to living expenses including meals and accommodation.Local – Php 27,500/monthlyForeign – based on actual cost of living in place of study, including health insuranceLocal – Php 36,000/monthlyForeign – based on actual cost of living in place of study, including health insurance
Book Allowance*Covers expenses for books, journal subscriptions, instructional materials, and other school supplies.Php 22,000/yearPhp 22,000/year
Technological SupportCovers provision of laptop and basic monthly internet connection/communication expenses.Php 50,000/per laptop* (maximum)Php 1,000 monthly internet connection** (under scholar’s name)Php 50,000/per laptop* (maximum)Php 1,000 monthly internet connection** (under scholar’s name)
Round-trip Transportation AllowanceOne (1) round-trip economy class transportation cost from residence to place of lodging and vice versa.The allowance applies to the start and end of the scholarship period only. Actual (on reimbursement basis)Actual (on reimbursement basis)
Pre-departure AllowanceShall cover miscellaneous expenses for passport processing, visa processing, airport terminal fees, immunization and medical laboratory fees and other related expenses.
The allowance is for grantees enrolled in Universities abroad.
Actual (on reimbursement basis)Actual (on reimbursement basis)
Relocation AllowanceA one-time allowance is provided to cover the moving expenses of scholars who are accepted to an educational institution or university in a region/country away from his/her current place of residence.  Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar to the Scholarship Committee and as approved by PhilSA Director General.  Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar to the Scholarship Committee and as approved by PhilSA Director General.  
Disability SupportProvision of reasonable accommodations and support to scholars with disabilities based on their needs. Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar and as approved by PhilSA Scholarship Committee. Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar and as approved by PhilSA Scholarship Committee. 
Extra Academic ActivitiesCovers expenses in line with membership to professional societies, student clubs/ organizations, and participation in study visits, workshops, and seminars in line with their study.Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar to the Scholarship Committee and as approved by PhilSA Director General.Upon submission of a formal request by the scholar to the Scholarship Committee and as approved by PhilSA Director General.
Thesis/Dissertation/Internship Allowance (if applicable)Covers all expenses in line with the preparation of thesis/dissertation. May also accommodate capstone projects upon submission of a formal request by the scholar and approval by PhilSA Scholarship Committee. May also accommodate internships, if internship is part of the Program of StudyPhp 66,000Php 110,000
Research Grant (if applicable)Additional funding support that may be given to a scholar whose budget requirement to complete his/her thesis/dissertation research exceeds the outright thesis/dissertation allowance.Upon endorsement of a formal request and as approved by PhilSA Director General. Approved grant is subject to liquidation. The maximum amount is 125,400.Upon endorsement of a formal request and as approved by PhilSA Director General. Approved grant is subject to liquidation. The maximum amount is 278,300.
Research Dissemination Grant (if applicable)Funding support to a scholar whose thesis/dissertation research has been accepted for oral/poster presentation in a local or international conference and/or for publication in a refereed technical journal. This grant can be availed up to one year after graduation.Php 82,500 (subject to liquidation)Php 165,000 (subject to liquidation)
Mentor’s Fee (if applicable)Incentive for research/thesis mentors to ensure successful completion of studies.Php 39,600Php 79,200
Mentoring/Support ProgramOrientation Program for Scholars. Onboarding of scholars/advisory support during relocation/adjustment period. Consultation sessions with PhilSA personnel (e.g., former scholars). Invitation to PhilSA events and activities.Access to information, networking opportunities, and PhilSA community resources.Access to information, networking opportunities, and PhilSA community resources.
Membership in PhilSA Scholars GroupSend-off events, graduation ceremonies, alumni assemblies, and other relevant programs. Access to information, networking opportunities, and PhilSA community resources.Access to information, networking opportunities, and PhilSA community resources.

Contact Details:

For inquiries, you may contact:

  • Email: scholarships@philsa.gov.ph
  • Phone: +632 8568 99 31

Final Thoughts:

The PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program offers a transformative opportunity for aspiring scholars to pursue advanced studies in space science, technology, and related fields. 

Through this scholarship, successful applicants gain access to a wide range of benefits, including tuition coverage, stipends, research grants, and professional development opportunities. 

Moreover, the program fosters a supportive community of scholars and mentors within the Philippine Space Agency, providing invaluable guidance and resources throughout the academic journey.

If you are passionate about space exploration and eager to contribute to the advancement of space science and technology in the Philippines, seize this opportunity to apply for the PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarship Program. 

Take the first step towards your academic and professional dreams by submitting your application today. 

Notice: Information Disclaimer:

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While the PhilScholar website does not directly facilitate applications, users can find guides and informational articles related to admissions and scholarship application processes. However, users are advised to meticulously examine the credibility of the content provided.

All information presented on this platform is intended for informational purposes only. Users are encouraged to verify any details independently before making decisions based on the content provided.

For additional verification or inquiries, references are provided at the end of the content section.


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