Education is vital for a better future, but money problems often get in the way. Many students can’t afford college fees and books, making it hard to learn.

The KCC Foundation Scholarship helps new college students by giving them money for education.

We’ll tell you all about it, from, what it offers, and how to apply. Hear inspiring stories from students it’s helped.

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are open, so join us to learn how to apply and change your future!

About KCC Foundation College Scholarship

The KCC Foundation, embodying Knowledge, Commitment, and Community, functions as the educational support arm of the KCC Group, known as KCC Foundation, Inc. (KCCFI).

It acts as the driving force behind educational opportunities, firmly believing that assisting one person in a struggling family positively impacts the entire household.

Understanding the transformative power of education, KCCFI goes beyond scholarships, focusing on changing lives and making a positive impact in society.

Actively engaging with communities, offering scholarships, collaborating with schools, KCCFI strives to create a series of positive changes that transform both individual lives and entire communities.

Established with a vision to assist society, KCC Foundation, Inc. extends beyond education; it’s about opening doors and fostering a community where everyone, regardless of their background, everyone has the opportunity to excel and succeed.

The commitment extends beyond books; it’s about creating a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Now, let’s dive into the eligibility criteria for those aspiring to apply for the KCC Foundation Scholarship.


Understanding whether you meet the requirements is the initial step toward unlocking educational opportunities.

For Grade 12 students and incoming first-year college students, let’s simplify the eligibility criteria, helping you determine if you’re on the right track to applying for the KCC Foundation college Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025.

Eligibility Criteria for KCC Foundation college Scholarship:

  1. For Incoming First-Year College Students:
  • Maintain a minimum general average of 85% (or its equivalent) based on the latest grade report.
  1. Academic Performance:
  • Ensure no grades below 80% in any related subject.
  1. Scholarship/Aid Status:
  • Should not be a recipient of any major scholarship or aid.

These criteria establish the academic standards required for eligibility for the KCC Foundation Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025.

Now, let’s proceed with the step-by-step application process for the KCC Foundation Scholarship, guiding you towards a successful application journey.

Application Process:

Starting on this journey, understanding each step is crucial. This simple guide will help ensure a smooth and successful application. Now, let’s dive into the specifics.


Here are the requirements upon application:

  • Fully accomplished ONLINE Application Form
  • Latest 2×2 ID Picture 
  • Scanned copy of Birth Certificate
  • Latest School Card (1st Semester grades are allowed)
  • Application Letter (application Letter, applicants must write one to submit)
  • Family and House Photos

Application Deadlines:

KCC Foundation college Scholarship Program for School Year 2024-2025 is Now Accepting Applications!

This incredible opportunity awaits aspiring scholars like you. The application process is officially open, as announced on their Facebook page on January 6 at 6:00 PM. While there is no set deadline yet, applying early is highly recommended. 

Don’t miss this chance – stay tuned for updates on official channels and submit your application promptly. Begin building the path to your academic success today!

KCC Foundation college Scholarship

KCC Foundation college Scholarship Program for School Year 2024-2025: Facebook Post Attached

Attached is an image from the KCC Foundation for verification purposes. This serves as a visual guide to the application period, which began on January 6, 2024, and is ongoing. 

Please refer to the image for additional clarity and guidance to ensure accurate and timely submission of your scholarship application. 

Your successful application journey begins with this essential information!

Now, let’s move on to the selection process and understand how you can apply for the KCC Foundation college Scholarship.

Selection Process:

Ready to apply for the KCC Foundation college Scholarship?

Beginning your journey towards the KCC Foundation college Scholarship is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful application

To register online, Visit the application form. Here’s what you need to fill up and upload during the application process:

  1. Fill up Personal Information:
  • Full Name
  • Tribe (If Any)
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  1. Upload documents
  • Latest 2×2 ID Picture
  • Scanned copy of Birth Certificate
  • Latest School Card (1st Semester grades are allowed)
  • Application Letter
  • Family and House Photos

Note: There may be additional fields in the form not listed here. Ensure to fill out all details accurately and thoroughly in the provided form for a successful application.

Make sure to complete the online form, considering any additional fields not listed here, to ensure a comprehensive and successful application for the KCC Foundation Scholarship.

Notification of Acceptance:

After submitting your application, the KCC Foundation will or may notify accepted applicants through the contact details provided in the application form. 

This notification may be sent via email or a combination of calls and text messages to the active mobile number provided. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy of your contact information.

Note: To stay informed about updates and announcements, it is recommended to stay tuned to the KCC Foundation’s social media channels.

Accepted applicants are also advised to regularly check their email and respond promptly to any communication from the foundation.

This straightforward yet comprehensive application process guarantees the selection of deserving scholars by the KCC Foundation, highlighting their dedication to achieving educational excellence.

Now, let’s discover the fantastic benefits and programs that successful applicants will enjoy with the KCC Foundation scholarship.


Uncover some of the benefits and programs provided by the KCC Foundation college Scholarship. These are designed to

Successful applicants are eligible for a range of advantages, including 

  • Full tuition fee assistance
  • Allowance, and 
  • Access to incredible opportunities within the KCC Group of Companies.

Witness the success of KCC Foundation Scholarship Program’s 5th batch through compelling images highlighting the achievements of accomplished applicants.


Experience a journey of inspiration as we display the accomplishments and successes of the 5th batch of successful applicants in the KCC Foundation Scholarship Program. Allow their achievements to inspire and steer you in your pursuit of academic aspirations.

Captivating moments from KCC Foundation’s 5th Batch, shared on their Facebook page on November 20, 2023. 

Contact Details:

If you have questions or need clarification regarding the scholarship program, don’t hesitate to reach out to them:

Email-phone#-Social Media
Mobile: 0977-8030-640 / 0917-718-9051

Feel free to contact for any inquiries or concerns related to the scholarship program!

Final Thoughts:

Concluding our exploration of the KCC Foundation Scholarship reveals not just a financial aid program, but a transformative educational initiative.

The KCC Foundation stands as a pillar, dismantling financial hurdles and providing a pathway to knowledge, commitment, and community.

Delve into the inspiring success stories, discover the diverse programs available, and witness the foundation’s unwavering commitment to empowering deserving students.

The KCC Foundation Scholarship goes beyond financial support; it acts as a catalyst for positive change, shaping a brighter future for ambitious minds.

If you’re an aspiring student eager to pursue your dreams, seize the opportunity to apply for the KCC Foundation Scholarship. Unlock your academic potential and become part of a community that has thrived through education.

Applications are now open for the academic year 2024-2025. Visit the official website or connect on Facebook for more details.

Take the first step toward a future filled with educational excellence and community impact. Your journey with KCC Foundation awaits—apply today and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow! 🎓✨


The PhilScholr does not collect fees and is not a hiring agency, nor is it related to any hiring agency for employment abroad. 

All information contained here is solely for informational purposes.

Attached in the last section of the content are references for further verification, if needed. 


  1. KCC Foundation, Inc. (n.d.). Facebook. Retrieved from

KCC College Scholarship Announcement:

Exciting News: KCC Foundation Inc. Announces 4th Batch Scholarship Exam Candidates!

Get ready! KCC Foundation Inc. has released the list of students eligible for their scholarship program’s entrance test. The exam is happening on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at New Brighton School of the Philippines, located at Quezon Ave., Barangay Dadiangas West, General Santos City, just across from West Elementary School.

(Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 3:38 PM)

KCC Foundation Reveals Candidates for 3rd Batch Scholarship Exam!

Big news! KCC Foundation Inc. has announced the students taking the upcoming scholarship entrance test. Happening on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at New Brighton School of the Philippines, the exam is a chance for students at Quezon Ave., Barangay Dadiangas West, General Santos City, to get ahead in their education.

(Posted on April 13, 2024, Friday, 5:12 PM)

KCC Foundation Inc. Candidates for 2nd Batch Scholarship Exam

KCC Foundation Inc. has announced the students eligible for their scholarship program’s entrance test. The exam is set for April 6, 2024, at New Brighton School of the Philippines, Quezon Ave., Barangay Dadiangas West, General Santos City, opposite West Elementary School. Candidates should come prepared and dress appropriately. For sign-up and inquiries, visit here or call 0977-8030-640 / 0917-718-9051 or email Don’t miss this chance for a better future! #KCCFoundation

(Posted on April 5, 2024, Friday, 2:59 PM)

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  1. How to apply po need lang Ng scholarship

    1. Hi Jhonny!

      Thanks for your interest, kindly refer to the guide in this post, you’ll learn about;

      1. what is KCC?
      2. who can apply for the KCC scholarship?
      3. what are the requirements?
      4. where to apply?
      5. how to apply?
      6. and what are the benefits?

      please be guided and good luck on your application.

      you may also reply to us back if you have further questions regarding on the KCC Foundation Scholarship.

      1. Hello po, I’m Anelyn Omalay po from leyte. I’m a working students po I hope maka apil ko ani na scholarship

    2. I want to apply this Scholarship because my parents wants be to become a teacher but they wouldn’t give me a financial support in my studies. Currently, I’m enrolled this School year and my father will be the weapon for my needs. He works at Cebu City in order for me to be in school. My apologies to my parents because I am the reason why they forced to work. That’s why I want be a scholar.

  2. Goodevening! I want to apply for scholarship of kcc foundation , because lack of financial,my family is no financial to waste money from my school,my parents is no stable work ,my father is tricycle driver only and my mother is house wife, wishing that i will be the one to take this scholarship, thank you!

    1. Good day Noli,

      Thank you for sharing your situation. It sounds like you’re facing some challenges, but it’s great that you’re looking into scholarships like the one from KCC Foundation to help with your education costs. I wish you the best of luck with your application, and I hope you receive the support you need. Keep pushing forward!

  3. I hope na mka apil ko sa scholarship po for financial needs for school and also that working student po ako I hope mka apil ko

    1. Thanks for telling me. It’s smart to try for the KCC Scholarship to help with money for school, especially since you’re working too. I hope you can apply and get the support you need. Good luck!

      1. Maegan Bueno Avatar
        Maegan Bueno

        Taga Eastern Samar po ako grade 12 Student totoo poba ITU?gusto Kong mag apply po para Naman makagaan Ng gastosin po ang mga magulang ko at matulungan kopo sila maraming salamat po,😊Sana mabasa

        1. Yes po, may source din po yan from KCC FOUNDATION. At para makapag apply po kayo make sure na may requirements and pasado ka po sa qualifications ng KCC foundation at make sure din to follow the guide para mag apply

  4. How to apply badly needing a scholarship support for college

  5. Maria Leonora Tabuac Avatar
    Maria Leonora Tabuac

    What courses they do offer for scholarship. Thank

  6. Sarra Jane Jorge Avatar
    Sarra Jane Jorge

    I’m interested

  7. I love it. Hope that my requirements will be accepted.

  8. hi po can 2nd year college can apply for this scholar’s po?

  9. Delpuerto Roslyn Avatar
    Delpuerto Roslyn

    I want to be part of KCC SCHOLARSHIP.

    1. Great choice! Have you checked the requirements and application process for the KCC Scholarship? if not yet you may read the full guide to be guided on what you’ll need to do to and how.

    2. Sheikamae Brillantes Avatar
      Sheikamae Brillantes

      Good Day! I’m from bicol po grade 12 graduating student pwede po ba yan? financial unstable po talaga e tsaka i really want to pursue MedTech🥹🥹

  10. I need this scholarship because we belong to a poorest family and a broken family. My mother is the only person provided for what we need.

  11. How to apply and what is kcc

  12. Eunice sumabong Avatar
    Eunice sumabong

    I appeal this scholarship because i want to be a member

    1. Thank you for your appeal. Your request will be reviewed, and you will be contacted accordingly by KCCFI.

  13. i want to apply this scholarship

    1. That’s Great Janel

      you can apply to this scholarship. Make sure to read the entire guide to understand everything.

  14. Can I apply to this offered scholarship

    1. Hi Glai,

      Yes, you can. Make sure to read the entire guide to understand everything to apply

  15. Jhawie Moncada Avatar
    Jhawie Moncada

    How to be KCC scholar??

    1. Hi Jhawie

      to be a scholar of KCCFI you’ll need to first meet the qualifications, have the required documents filled out form, kindly read the full guide for you to be guided. thanks

  16. I hope u noticed my registration letter

    1. Hi Flor

      Thank you for your time in filling up the registration letter. Once they approve and include your name in their list, rest assured they will contact you for further instructions and updates.

  17. Brix Baldesco Avatar
    Brix Baldesco

    Hi po kahit saan pobang school ako mag aral makakakuha paren poba ako ng scholarship need kopo kase. Then okay poba na ang kukunin kong course is architecture

    1. Hello Brix! According sa post ng KCC Foundation and sa eligibility criteria sa post wala pong specific school, so meaning to say YES pwede ka po mag apply. And sa course din yes po, if may concerns pa po kayo pwede mo sila e contact directly or fill-up the application form nang sa gayon kung makapasok ka they will give you instructions.

  18. Jan Lew Calumpiano Avatar
    Jan Lew Calumpiano

    Hi good evening how to apply po

  19. I’m welling to apply this scholar


    Hi where can we past the requirements?

    1. Firstly po you need to fillup the application form, and from there you’ll be asked to submit the following documents needed.

      you may visit the application form for the KCC FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP here:
      kindly click the link so you can procced filling up your application.

  21. Sheikamae Brillantes Avatar
    Sheikamae Brillantes

    Good day! Taga bicol po ako possible po ba maka apply scholarship? financial unstable po kasi graduating gr 12 student po ako i reall want to pursue medtech po e

  22. Ricalyn Avatar

    Hello po, is KCC Scholarship applicable to any school? Can I enroll to NDDU ba using this scholarship? Need po ng clarification, I want to be am architecture student po kasi and Notre Dame Dadiangas University lang ang mga bs architecture dito sa General Santos City.

  23. Aixamhie Barcelo Avatar
    Aixamhie Barcelo

    Hi po, kahit saang school ako magco-college makukuha ko parin po ba yung scholarship? Need ko po kasi. Nursing po sana ang course na gusto ko, okay lang po ba yun?

  24. Good morning po, ask ko lang po kung available pa po ba young scholarship? Balak ko po kasing mag-apply sana po dun. Tsaka may tanong po ako, kahit saang school lang po ba ako magco-college ay matatanggap ko parin po ba yung scholarship? At nursing po sana yung course na gusto ko, ayos lang po yun?

    1. Magandang umaga,

      Tungkol sa deadline, wala pong eksaktong petsa at oras na ibinigay, ngunit ito ay sa loob ng school year 2024-2025.saad po sa facebook page nila noong January 6 at 6:00 PM.

      And Oo, puwede kayo mag-apply sa gusto niyong kurso at eskwelahan. Pero wala silang nabanggit na detalye tungkol dito, kaya i recommend you na kontakin ang KCC para sa karagdagang impormasyon. Makikita niyo ang kanilang kontak sa post.

      Also. Upang makapagrehistro online para sa scholarship, ito po ang link:


  25. Mike Andrew Lumbao Avatar
    Mike Andrew Lumbao

    good evening po i wanted to be part of kcc scholarship!!

  26. Şişli’de Yeni Açılan Müzeler ile Tarihe Yolculuk.

  27. Cathleen jane S. Molina Avatar
    Cathleen jane S. Molina

    I want to be part of KCC SCHOLARSHIP.

  28. please iwant to become a scholar because we are member of poorest of the poor and now im a first year student bachelor of science in hospitality management and we all know that this course is very magastos so iwant to be a member of your proggram please

  29. Kızların fiziksel çekiciliği, kendi bedenlerini sevme ve kabul etme yetenekleriyle daha da parlak bir hale gelir.

  30. Precious Zhyrille Parzan Abetria Avatar
    Precious Zhyrille Parzan Abetria


  31. I hope maapil ko ani nga scholarship to support my college.

  32. Aaron Colin Abalos Bautista Avatar
    Aaron Colin Abalos Bautista

    Sana Po matulongan ninyo Ako .

  33. Wenielyn Seldora Avatar
    Wenielyn Seldora

    Is there any required courses in order to be one of your scholar? Thank you in advance for answering this

  34. Stephanie Jane Regacho Avatar
    Stephanie Jane Regacho

    How to be KCC scholar??

  35. Please choose me🙏🙏🙏

  36. Eman grajo Avatar
    Eman grajo

    Hello po im Eman Demeterio Grajo student from golden state college lagao campus i need this scholarship to continue my education because my parents have nothing to send financially

  37. Maureen Morales Avatar
    Maureen Morales

    I have a series of question po.

    1. A coming 3rd year student of BS Hospitality Management can apply po ba?

    2. My eldest daughter who stop her scholling after graduated grade 12 year 2020 due to financial incapabilities and planning to pursue her studies, is she qualifies for the scholarship you offer?

  38. Hm is the allowance is it monthly?

  39. Im a 1st year college student, pwede pa rin po maka apply for scholarship?

    1. Shalymar Oroc Avatar
      Shalymar Oroc

      Good day po! I’m first year college student po tourism po yong course ko, sa ngayon hirap po kami sa pang tuition ko Kasi mag sakaka lang po kung magulang ko at na ka private school po ako. Pwd po ba rin akongg maki apply for scholarships? Thank you po!

  40. Liget po ba to? gusto ko po kasi mag apply dahil hindi na kaya ng magulang ko na pag arlin pa ako ng koliheyo dahil sa hirap ng aming buhay.


    Need ko Ng scholarship ma’am/sir

  42. I hope isa ako sa mga mapili niyo for scholarship po dahil hirap na hirap na po kami sa financial pero gusto ko po mag aral

  43. Sherlyn Joy Montesa Avatar
    Sherlyn Joy Montesa

    Hi I’m Sherlyn Joy Sana po mapili nyo po Ako kailangan kopa makapagtapos Ng pag aaral

  44. Mae Panganuron Avatar
    Mae Panganuron

    Hi po ma’am/sir. sana mapili po ako kasi willing po talaga akong mag continue ng pag-aaral ko

    1. Hello! you can read the full guide for you to be guided

  45. Jessa Mae Avatar
    Jessa Mae

    applicable po ba ito sa Region 11? taga davao city kasi ako, and natapos ko na ipasa lahat ng requirements bali mag-aantay nalang sa email regarding to my exam schedule if ever nakapasa ako sa evaluation. tapos, curious din if pwede sa kahit anong college university? since wala naman silang nilagay na specific univ or course na dapat mong pag-aralan hehe. sana masagot 🙂

    1. Pwede niyo po e contact yung kc foundation for college scholarship regarding sa status ng scholarship application niyo po. And regarding sa school kung wala naman po nakalagay yes you can but it is best po to reach out talaga to clarify kung pwede ba. But hopeffuly we are also hoping na sana mapili kayo sa scholarship na ito because we know how hard school life is sa ngayong mga panahon. pwede niyo rin po ito e save para reference niyo kung sakalai hindi kayo napili ngayon ay pupwede niyo pong makita ulit kung ano mga kailangan na requirements sa susunod na pag open nila pwede kayo ulit mag apply.

  46. hi. im shobe vhanz from bulacan aspiring to an applicant in your program. But still im in 5th grade in elementary looking forward for the great oppurtunity youll offer…

    1. Hello, Shobe!

      Thank you for your interest in the program. Unfortunately, the KCC Foundation College Scholarship is for college-level students only. Keep up your enthusiasm for learning, and I wish you all the best with your studies!

  47. Charity Jane A. Caminero Avatar
    Charity Jane A. Caminero

    Are there any conditions if ever I would pass the application form or if ever I would be a kcc scholar soon?

    1. Hi Charity Jane Caminero,

      Regarding your question about conditions for passing the application form or becoming a KCC scholar, there are no specific conditions stated on the KCC scholarship post. However, we encourage you to apply and explore the opportunity further.

  48. Ched Meña Avatar
    Ched Meña

    Good day po, im incoming collage student po and i want to be part of KCC Foundation, psychology yung dream course ko po. Gusto ko po maka kuha ng scholarship kasi gusto ko po maka pagtapos ng pag-aaral at dahil narin po walang sumo suporta sa pag-aaral ko, sana po mapili ako

    1. Good day po, Ched!

      Salamat sa pag-abot ng inyong mga pangarap. Nakakatuwang malaman na gusto ninyong mag-aral ng Psychology at maging bahagi ng KCC Foundation.

      Para makapag-apply sa scholarship, paki-check po ang aming application guide at sundin ang mga steps na nakasaad doon. Naiintindihan po namin ang kahalagahan ng pagkakaroon ng suporta para sa inyong pag-aaral, kaya hinihikayat namin kayong mag-submit ng inyong application sa lalong madaling panahon.

      Nawa’y mapili po kayo at makamit ninyo ang inyong mga pangarap. Kung may mga katanungan po kayo o kailangan ng karagdagang tulong, huwag mag-atubiling magtanong.

      Warm regards,

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