Securing quality education is challenging, especially for those lacking financial means. The Security Bank External Scholarship aims to address this issue.

The Security Bank Foundation External Scholarship provides financial aid to students who lack access to traditional scholarships, ensuring equal opportunities for higher education.

Learn about qualification criteria, requirements, application procedures, and more in this article.

About Security Bank External Scholarship 

Founded on August 25, 1993, Security Bank Foundation, Inc. (SBFI) serves as the corporate social responsibility arm of Security Bank Corporation (SBC).

Committed to addressing poverty through education, SBFI implements initiatives like building classrooms, teacher training, and scholarships, aiming to enhance the quality of education for Filipino youth and secure a better national future.

The SBC Scholarship Program comprises three key initiatives:

  1. Security Bank Foundation Scholars for Better Communities Scholarship Program (External): This program provides educational assistance to deserving students not affiliated with the bank, particularly those enrolled in partner schools. It aims to ensure equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and supports courses directly aligned with bank operations.
  2. Internal Scholarship Program: Offers educational aid to Security Bank Group employees and their children, focusing on retention and development.
  3. Regalo Mo, Kinabukasan Ko (RMKK) Scholarship Program: Assists Security Bank agency personnel and their children in accessing quality education to improve their families’ quality of life.
Security Bank External Scholarship

The Security Bank External Scholarship is the initiative under the Security Bank Foundation Scholars for Better Communities Scholarship Program.

It targets deserving students not connected to the bank, providing educational assistance to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

This program ensures equal opportunities for students enrolled in partner schools and offers support for courses directly aligned with bank operations.


To qualify for the Security Bank External Scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Graduating Grade 12 Student: Applicants must be graduating Grade 12 students currently enrolled in either a public or private school.
  1. Academic Achievement: Applicants must have attained a latest General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 90% or its equivalent.
  1. Parental Employment: Applicants’ parents should not be currently employed or assigned in Security Bank.
  1. Family Affiliation: Applicants must not have any other family member currently admitted to the scholarship within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.
  1. Existing Scholarships: Applicants should not hold any other existing scholarship, except for discounts provided by schools.
  1. Partner Schools: Applicants must intend to enroll in any of the 8 partner schools located in the National Capital Region (NCR).

These criteria are designed to identify deserving candidates who exhibit outstanding academic performance, demonstrate financial need, and possess a genuine commitment to their educational and professional goals.

Application Process:

Are you excited to apply for the Security Bank External Scholarship? We’ve simplified the process for you! Here, you’ll find easy steps on what you need, how to apply, when to submit, and how they select recipients. 


To ensure a smooth application process and successful admission to the Security Bank External Scholarship, applicants are required to fulfill specific criteria.

Below are the outlined requirements for both the application stage and upon admission to the scholarship program.

These requirements are designed to streamline the application process and facilitate the transition for scholars into the program.

For Application:

  1. Duly accomplished Online Application Form
  2. Latest Grade 12 Report Card with Final General Weighted Average (up to latest available quarter grading, if no final GWA)
  3. Latest Parent/Guardian’s Income Tax Return (for employed) / Certificate of Indigency (for unemployed) / Copy of OFW Employment Contract with Compensation
  4. Proof of Admission / Acceptance Letter from any of the 8 Partner Schools
  5. Birth Certificate of Scholar
  6. Portrait Photo of Scholar

Upon admission to the scholarship program:

  1. Certificate of Enrollment / Registration Card for A.Y. 2023-2024
  2. Copy of Good Moral Certificate from the last school attended
  3. Copy of school calendar for A.Y. 2023-2024
  4. Copy of Security Bank Internal Account Number (IAN) from the branch of account
  5. Copy of School Grading System (if the school does not use percentage [%] for grading)
  6. Copy of Course/Program curriculum
  7. Copy of Parent/Guardian’s Government Issued ID (for notary)

These requirements ensure that applicants are able to provide all necessary documentation for consideration and, upon admission, have everything in place to proceed with the scholarship program smoothly.

Scholarship Renewal:

Scholars are required to renew their scholarship every school term (i.e., semester/trimester). The renewal process involves the submission of the following documents:

Online Renewal Form

  1. Certificate of Enrollment/Registration Form for the next school term
  2. Report Card/Transcript of Records indicating the general weighted average for the previous school term
  3. Assessment of fees
  4. Updated grading system from school or university
  5. Reconsideration Letter (only if the scholar fails to meet the per subject grade requirement)

These documents ensure the continued eligibility of scholars and facilitate the renewal process for each school term.

Application Deadline:

Unfortunately, the deadline to apply for the Security Bank External Scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year has passed. But don’t worry if you missed it. Sometimes, opportunities come back again.

Remember to bookmark this page to check for updates about when you can apply again for the 2024-2025 school year. Stay tuned and be ready for future chances to get a scholarship.

Keep up the good work in school. Your hard work will lead to success in the future.

How to Apply:

Getting started on your journey to apply for the Security Bank External Scholarship is easy. Here, we break down the simple steps you need to follow to complete your application.

By following these steps carefully, you can boost your chances of securing this valuable scholarship opportunity.

  1. Accessing the Application Form:
  • The application form for the Security Bank Foundation External Scholarship () 
  • or Applicants can visit the website, navigate to the scholarship section, and locate the application form.
  1. Completing the Application Form:
  • Applicants should carefully fill out the application form with accurate information.
  • Ensure all required fields are completed, and any supporting documents are uploaded as necessary.
  1. Submission of Application:
  • Once completed, applicants can submit the application online through the designated portal on the website.
  • Ensure that the application is submitted before the specified deadline to be considered for review.

Screening and Selection Process: for the Security Bank External Scholarship

Find out how applications are reviewed and selected. Learn about the steps involved in the process to understand what happens after you submit your application.

  1. Initial Screening:
  • Applications submitted online will undergo screening by the Security Bank Foundation’s Scholarship Officer.
  • Only valid applications meeting the eligibility criteria will proceed to the next stage.
  1. Endorsement to Partner Schools:
  • Valid applications are endorsed by the Security Bank Foundation to the respective scholarship coordinators of partner schools/universities.
  • Partner schools/universities may also participate in the screening and selection process.
  1. Validation of Application Data:
  • The Security Bank Foundation may validate the information provided in the application through mobile phone calls and emails.
  • This ensures the accuracy and authenticity of the applicant’s details.
  1. Online Interview:
  • Applicants who pass the initial screening will proceed to an online interview.
  • The interview may be conducted virtually through video conferencing or other online platforms.
  1. Notification of Admission:
  • Admitted applicants will be notified of their acceptance through mobile phone calls and emails.
  •  It’s important for applicants to maintain active contact information provided in the online application form.
  1. Signing of Scholarship Contract:
  • Newly admitted scholars will be required to sign a scholarship contract to confirm their admission and acceptance of the scholarship terms and conditions.

Additional Information for Active Scholars:

  • This form is only for current scholars of the Security Bank External Scholarship Program. If you’re already a scholar, make sure you’re using the right form for renewals or other needs. Access it here.

List of SBFI Partner Schools: for the Security Bank External Scholarship

The Security Bank External Scholarship, known as the Security Bank Foundation Scholars for Better Communities Scholarship Program, is dedicated to assisting underprivileged yet deserving college students studying in Security Bank Foundation partner schools. 

These partnerships are essential in broadening educational opportunities for deserving individuals within the community.

Partner School
Ateneo De Manila University
Chiang Kai Shek College
De La Salle University – Manila
Far Eastern University – Manila
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
University of the Philippines – Diliman
University of Santo Tomas

Benefits and Programs of the Scholarship:

Explore the comprehensive Benefits and Scholarship Program offered by the SBFI through Security Bank External Scholarship.

Tailored for students enrolled in essential courses like Accountancy, Marketing, and Computer Science, this program provides detailed insights into financial assistance available for both State and Private Universities. 

Additionally, discover non-monetary benefits such as internships and learning sessions designed to foster scholars’ holistic development.

Eligible Courses for the Security Bank External Scholarship:

The Security Bank External Scholarship supports students enrolled in courses vital for bank operations. These include:

  • Accountancy
  • Accounting Information System/Technology
  • Internal Auditing
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Management Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Business Analytics/Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science/Technology
  • Information Systems/Technology

Financial Benefits:

Each scholar under the Security Bank External Scholarship is entitled to the following benefits per academic year until they complete their tertiary course:

For State Universities:

StipendTuition and Miscellaneous Fees
Php 10,000 per month for a maximum of 10 school monthsNo allotment due to the “Free Tuition Law”

For Private Universities:

StipendTuition and Miscellaneous Fees
Php 5,000 per month for a maximum of 10 school monthsMaximum of Php 100,000 per year

Note: Financial assistance will be released subject to the maximum amount per year and based on the actual number of months during which classes are conducted.

Non-Monetary Scholarship Benefits:

In addition to financial assistance, Security Bank provides opportunities for internships, involvement in corporate social responsibility activities, and attendance at learning sessions provided by partner institutions to enhance the overall development of scholars.

Terms and Conditions: for the Security Bank External Scholarship

Learn about the rules you need to follow to maintain your Security Bank External Scholarship. 

  1. Commencement of Scholarship: The scholarship assistance starts from the first year of the tertiary course and continues until the scholar graduates from the same course.
  1. Minimum Enrollment Requirement: Scholars must enroll in at least the minimum number of units/load required by the school for each term.
  1. Academic Performance Criteria: Scholars must maintain a minimum general weighted average of 86% and achieve at least 80% per subject grade by the end of each term (semester/trimester).

Termination: for the Security Bank External Scholarship

A scholar may face termination from the scholarship program for any of the following reasons: 

  1. Failure to submit renewal requirements by the deadline.
  2. Inability to maintain the required general weighted average.
  3. Obtaining failing, incomplete, or dropped grades in academic or non-academic subjects.
  4. Transferring to a different school
  5. Shifting to a course not eligible for the scholarship.
  6. Deferment of enrollment in a school year (except for health reasons).
  7. Violation of school policies during the scholarship period.
  8. Availing another scholarship concurrently.

Final Thoughts:

Education is a powerful tool for building a better future, and Security Bank is committed to empowering students through scholarships. By investing in scholars, Security Bank is shaping tomorrow’s leaders and fostering positive change in communities.

With scholarships available for various levels and fields of study, Security Bank demonstrates its dedication to helping individuals achieve their full potential.

If you’re seeking support to pursue your educational goals, don’t hesitate to apply for a Security Bank scholarship today. 

Seize this opportunity to turn your dreams into reality and embark on a journey towards a brighter future. 

Take the first step towards success by submitting your application. 

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Can I apply for the scholarship if I’m already in college?

No, it’s only available for incoming freshmen.

  1. Do applicants need to be accepted by the partner school before applying for the scholarship?

No, applicants don’t need to be accepted yet. They can submit their confirmation of application during the initial application process. However, if they qualify for the online interview, they’ll need to provide a certificate of acceptance from the partner school.

  1. Do they accept applicants who will be taking courses not listed in the eligible courses?

No, only students enrolled in courses directly supporting bank operations are eligible. These include Accountancy, Accounting Information System/Technology, Internal Auditing, Marketing, Financial Management, Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Business Analytics/Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science/Technology, and Information Systems/Technology.

  1. Do they accept applicants who will be studying outside of the partner schools?

No, the scholarship is exclusively available to students enrolling in any of the eight partner schools: Ateneo De Manila University, Chiang Kai Shek College, De La Salle University – Manila, Far Eastern University – Manila, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of the Philippines – Diliman, and University of Santo Tomas.

  1. I haven’t received my grade 12 final grades with GWA yet. What grades am I supposed to submit?

You may submit your grades with GWA for the 1st semester or 2nd grading period. The high school Transcript of Records (TOR) will be requested once you qualify for the interview round.

  1. I am an incoming freshman but I stopped schooling last year due to financial problems. Am I still qualified to apply?

Yes. As long as you haven’t stopped schooling for more than one (1) academic year.

  1. I also applied to other scholarship openings. Am I still qualified to apply?

Yes. You may apply to the scholarship program while your applications to other grantors are still pending. However, once the results are in and you get admitted to more than one scholarship, you will have to choose which scholarship to retain.

  1. I have an existing scholarship from other grantors. Am I still qualified to apply?

No, you are not eligible to apply if you already have an existing scholarship from other grantors.

  1. I have submitted my application just now and I am worried that I have run out of slots. Are you going to review all scholarship applications?

Yes. All applications submitted within the application period will be reviewed accordingly.

  1. I can’t submit the application form because the website asks me to indicate my Tertiary Education Information. As a Grade 12 student, what should I input under these fields?

You should indicate the tertiary course you are planning to take and the school you will enroll in for college.


Are you currently enrolled: No, I’ve graduated

College Expected Year of Graduation:

2025 (4 years after)

  1. Are online grades or grades from the school portal accepted?

Yes, online grades are accepted. However, it’s important to ensure that your online grades include a General Weighted Average (GWA) for the Foundation to properly assess your application.

Additionally, for shortlisted applicants moving forward to the next round, which is the online interview, a high school Transcript of Records (TOR) will be requested.

  1. Are there guidelines for the portrait photo? Does it have to be formal? Is a 2×2 photo accepted?

Yes, you may submit a 2×2 photo with a white background. The photo doesn’t have to be formal, but it’s important to look presentable. Ensure that the photo is in high resolution.

  1. I applied to three partner schools to increase my chances of getting into college. Do I need to submit proof of application for all three?

No, you only need to submit proof of application for one school, preferably your first choice. After the application deadline, you’ll be asked to update your profile if you advance to the next round.

  1. How will I know if I qualify for the scholarship program?

Within a month after the application deadline, the Foundation will reach out to let you know if you’ve qualified for the next round, which is an online interview. Make sure your contact information on the application form is up to date

  1. If my parent is an OFW and doesn’t have an ITR or Certificate of Indigency, what document can I upload to meet this requirement?

You should submit a copy of your parent’s employment contract showing their salary. Remember to provide proof of income for both of your parents to ensure your application is complete and processed.

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      Ateneo De Manila University
      Chiang Kai Shek College
      De La Salle University – Manila
      Far Eastern University – Manila
      Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
      Polytechnic University of the Philippines
      University of the Philippines – Diliman
      University of Santo Tomas

      If you’re looking for Security Bank partner schools in the Visayas, there is a different list of partner schools under other Security Bank scholarships. You may use our search bar here on PhilScholar to find them. Simply type “List of Security Bank Foundation sScholarships.”

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