In today’s world, accessing quality education can be challenging, especially for financially disadvantaged students. Recognizing this need, the Security Bank Foundation has launched the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

This program aims to provide crucial financial support and resources to deserving students, ensuring they have the opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations unhindered.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to qualify for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship, including eligibility criteria and required documents for your application. 

We’ll also provide insights into when and where to apply, along with an exploration of the program’s benefits and significance. Empowering students to achieve their dreams and build a brighter future through education.

About SBFI: Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

Founded on August 25, 1993, Security Bank Foundation, Inc. (SBFI) serves as the corporate social responsibility arm of Security Bank Corporation (SBC). 

Committed to addressing poverty through education, SBFI implements initiatives like building classrooms, teacher training, and scholarships, aiming to enhance the quality of education for Filipino youth and secure a better national future.

The SBC Scholarship Program

The SBC Scholarship Program comprises three key initiatives:

  1. Security Bank Foundation Scholars for Better Communities Scholarship Program (External):

This program provides educational assistance to deserving students not affiliated with the bank, particularly those enrolled in partner schools. It aims to ensure equal opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and supports courses directly aligned with bank operations.

  1. Internal Scholarship Program:

Offers educational aid to Security Bank Group employees and their children, focusing on retention and development.

  1. Regalo Mo, Kinabukasan Ko (RMKK) Scholarship Program:

Assists Security Bank agency personnel and their children in accessing quality education to improve their families’ quality of life.

Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

The Regalo Mo, Kinabukasan Ko (RMKK) Scholarship Program is the scholarship provided to the agency personnel of Security Bank and their children by Security Bank Foundation. 

The objective of the program is to help the agency personnel secure a good education for themselves and/or their children so they will have better opportunities to improve their families’ quality of life. Security Bank Foundation shall fund and administer the scholarship.


To ensure fairness and equal opportunity, the eligibility criteria for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship Program have been thoughtfully established. 

Below are the key requirements for agency personnel and their children seeking to benefit from this scholarship opportunity:

  1. Agency personnel must be assigned in Security Bank for at least 1 year with a good employment record.
  2. Children of agency personnel or agency personnel themselves are eligible.
  3. One agency personnel scholar per branch, with the potential for multiple scholars in larger units based on unit size.
  4. Students must have a latest General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 80% or its equivalent.
  5. No other family member should currently be admitted to the scholarship within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.
  6. Applicants should not hold any other existing scholarship except for discounts provided by schools.

Application Process:

Ready to apply for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship? We’ve streamlined the process for you! 

Discover simple steps on requirements, application procedure, submission deadlines, and recipient selection criteria.


The following are essential for your Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship. From report cards to enrollment certificates, ensure you have everything ready for a smooth process.

Requirements (For all levels)

For Application:

  1. Duly accomplished Online Application Form
  2. Latest Report Card with Final General Weighted Average (up to latest available quarter grading, if no final GWA)
  3. Birth Certificate of Scholar
  4. Endorsement letter signed by Security Bank Group (Download template)
  5. Endorsement letter from the Agency (Download template)
  6. Portrait Photo of the Scholar
  7. Copy of Agency Personnel ID

Upon admission to the scholarship program:

  1. Certificate of Enrollment / Registration Card for A.Y. 2023-2024
  2. Copy of Good Moral Certificate from the last school attended
  3. Copy of Assessment Fees (if applicable)
  4. Copy of Security Bank Internal Account Number (IAN) from the branch of account
  5. Copy of school calendar for A.Y. 2023-2024
  6. Copy of School Grading System (if the school does not use percentage [%] for grading)
  7. Copy of Course/Program curriculum (for College Degree only)
  8. Copy of Official Receipts for tuition fee payment for A.Y. 2023-2024 (if applicable)
  9. If the agency personnel is the student – Medical Certificate from an accredited physician confirming fitness to work and study
  10. Copy of Agency Personnel’s Government Issued ID (for notary)

Scholarship Renewal Process:

To maintain your scholarship, Elementary and Junior High Scholars must renew annually, while Senior High and College Scholars renew each school term (i.e., semester/trimester). For renewal, submit the following documents:

1. Online Renewal Form

2. Certificate of Enrollment/Registration Form for the upcoming school term/year

3. Report Card/Transcript of Records showing the general weighted average for the previous school term/year

4. Updated grading system from school or university (if applicable)

5. Assessment of fees

6. Reconsideration Letter (only if the scholar fails to meet the per-subject grade requirement)

Application Deadline:

We regret to inform you that the application deadline for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship for the 2023-2024 school year has passed. However, don’t be discouraged if you missed it. Opportunities may arise again.

You can bookmark this page to stay updated on future application dates for the 2024-2025 school year. Stay prepared for upcoming scholarship opportunities.

Keep up the excellent work in school. Your dedication will pave the way for future success.

How to Apply:

Follow these simple steps to apply for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship.

  1. Accessing the Application Form:
  • The application form for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship will (soon be available here).
  • Alternatively, applicants can visit the website, navigate to the scholarship section, and locate the application form.
  • New applicants and existing scholars who recently graduated from elementary, junior high, and senior high can click “Apply now” if new if existing click “Renew” to access the application form.
  • For continuing scholars within the same education level, click “Renew scholarship now” to access the renewal form.
  1. Completing the Application Form:
  • Carefully fill out the application form with accurate information.
  • Ensure all required fields are completed, and any supporting documents are uploaded as necessary.
  1. Submission of Application:
  • Once completed, submit the application online through the designated portal on the website.
  • Ensure that the application is submitted before the specified deadline to be considered for review.
  1. Renewal Process:
  • Follow the instructions to complete the renewal form and submit it before the deadline.

Additional Information:

For existing scholars:

  • Fill out the fund request form below to request payment of tuition fees or reimbursements (Fund Request Form)

Benefits and Programs of the Scholarship:

Explore the comprehensive Benefits and Scholarship Program offered by the SBFI through the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship. 

Additionally, discover non-monetary benefits such as internships and learning sessions designed to foster scholars’ holistic development.

Priority Courses For the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

Scholarship slots are available for students from elementary to college level, encompassing a wide range of courses and fields of study.

  • Students are encouraged to pursue courses of their choice, aligning with their academic interests and career aspirations.

Financial Benefits:

Here’s what each scholar is entitled to per academic year:

Financial Assistance:

Education LevelMaximum Amount (PHP)
Junior High School7,000
Senior High School10,000


Education LevelAmount (PHP)Release Frequency
Elementary to Senior High School20,000Quarterly

   (Note: Financial assistance is subject to the maximum amount per year and based on the actual number of months during which classes are conducted.)

Non-Monetary Scholarship Benefits:

In addition to financial assistance, SBFI offers:

  • Opportunities for internship
  • Involvement in corporate social responsibility activities
  • Attendance to learning sessions provided by partner institutions

Terms and Conditions: for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

Here are the terms and conditions of the scholarship:

  1. Commencement and Duration:
  • The scholarship assistance begins in the academic year of admission and ends at the completion of the scholar’s education level (e.g., elementary, junior high, senior high, and college).
  1. Enrollment Requirement for College:
  • College scholars must enroll in at least the minimum number of units/load required by the school for each school year/term.
  1. Academic Performance:
  • Scholars must maintain a minimum 80% general weighted average and 80% per subject grade by the end of the term or academic year.
  1. Employment Status for Agency Personnel:
  • Agency personnel must remain continuously assigned in Security Bank with a good employment record.

Termination: for the Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship

A scholar may be terminated from the scholarship for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to submit renewal requirements by the deadline
  • Failure to meet the general weighted average requirement
  • Failing, incomplete, or dropped grades in academic or non-academic subjects
  • Deferment of enrollment in a school year (except for health reasons)
  • Shifting to another course or transferring to another school without valid reason, resulting in additional term/year to finish the school level
  • Violation of school policies during the scholarship period
  • Agency personnel violation of company policy
  • Termination of assignment or resignation of agency personnel in Security Bank
  • Availment of another scholarship

Final Thoughts:

The Security Bank Regalo Mo Kinabukasan Ko Scholarship is an invaluable opportunity for agency personnel and their children to pursue their educational aspirations. It’s a stepping stone towards a brighter future, where possibilities are limitless. This scholarship represents a commitment to empowerment and growth, fostering a community of learners who dare to dream and strive for excellence.

For applicants:

Don’t let this chance slip away. Apply or renew your scholarship now! 

Your future is waiting, seize it today!

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Who can apply for the Agency or RMKK Scholarship Program?

Agency Personnel or children of Agency Personnel can apply. Agency Personnel must have been assigned to Security Bank for at least one year.

  1. What is the grade requirement to apply?

There should be no grade lower than 80% per subject and the General Weighted Average (GWA) should also not be lower than 80%.

  1. I am an Agency Personnel assigned to Security Bank. Can my sibling, cousin, or other relatives apply for this scholarship?

No. Only “You” or “Your Child” can apply for the RMKK or Agency Scholarship Program.

  1. Can I fill out the New Application or Renewal Application Form even if some requirements are still lacking?

No. All requirements must be complete before filling out the online form. If any requirements are missing, the application will not be valid for review. Only submit when everything is complete.

  1. How do I submit the renewal requirements?

You can submit the requirements online. By clicking the “Renew Now” button below, you will be directed to a Google Form where you need to attach the requirements in PDF format. Make sure the documents you submit are clear and legible.

  1. Do I need to submit any documents or requirements to the Foundation office aside from those already submitted online?

Yes. You need to submit the original copy of the Official Receipt if you have paid any Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees. For public schools, this is not required.

  1. Will all scholars receive financial assistance for tuition even if they are in public school?

No. Only scholars who are required to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees are eligible for this assistance. The Foundation will use the Statement of Account (SOA) from the school as a basis for payment.

  1. What if a scholar has a low grade in one subject or does not meet the 80% requirement for the General Weighted Average?

You need to attach a Reconsideration Letter to the Renewal Form. Write the reason why the scholar got a low grade. This letter should be signed by the parent or the scholar themselves. The Foundation will notify whether the request is approved or disapproved.

  1. Can a scholar transfer to another school?

Yes. You just need to attach a Reconsideration Letter to the Renewal Form. Write the reason for the scholar’s transfer to the new school. Include in the letter proof from the new school that they will not provide additional years of study for the scholar due to their transfer. All subjects or units should be credited by the new school. The reconsideration letter should be signed by the parent and the scholar. The Foundation will notify whether the request is Approved or Disapproved.

  1. Can a scholar change their course?

Yes. You just need to attach a Reconsideration Letter to the Renewal Form. Write the reason for the scholar’s change of course. All subjects or units from the previous course should be credited to the new course, and there should be no additional years required for the scholar to complete. The reconsideration letter should be signed by the parent and the scholar. The Foundation will notify whether the request is Approved or Disapproved.

  1. What will happen if renewal requirements are submitted late?

If there is no valid reason, the scholar may be removed from the program. It is the responsibility of the parent and the scholar to ensure that the requirements are submitted on time to continue this scholarship.

  1. If an Agency Personnel resigns from Security Bank, what will happen to the scholarship granted by the Foundation?

Once the Agency Personnel resigns from Security Bank, the scholarship support from the Security Bank Foundation will also end. It is important to inform the Foundation immediately if you plan to resign.

  1. If an Agency Personnel is transferred to another Security Bank Branch, what will happen to the scholarship granted by the Foundation?

The scholarship support from the Foundation will continue for the scholar. Just inform the Foundation about the branch or department of Security Bank where the Agency Personnel has been transferred.

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