In the Philippines, a lot of families struggle to afford higher education. It’s tough for many because college costs a lot of money, and not everyone can afford it.

But the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is doing something about it through the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP).

The GESP is like a helping hand for students and families who can’t afford college on their own. It’s there to ease the burden of high tuition fees and other expenses that come with going to college.

In this guide, we’ll talk about why it’s hard for Filipino families to send their kids to college and how the GESP is trying to fix that.

We’ll explain how the program works, who can benefit from it, and how it’s making a real difference in the lives of Filipino students and their families.

About GSIS: GSIS Educational Subsidy Program 

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines.

Established through Commonwealth Act No. 186 and governed by Republic Act No. 8291 (the GSIS Act of 1997), GSIS serves as a social insurance institution.

It operates under a defined benefit scheme mandated by law, providing various benefits and services to government employees and their dependents.

GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP):

The GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP) represents a significant initiative by the GSIS to extend financial assistance to qualified dependents of its members. 

This program aims to support the educational aspirations of GSIS members’ dependents by providing subsidies for their education expenses.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before applying for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP), it’s important to know who can qualify.

These are the rules that determine if you or your family member can get help paying for college.

  1. Qualified GSIS Members:
  • GSIS members who are at salary grade (SG) 24 or below, or its equivalent job level.
  • Members whose GSIS accounts are in good standing with premium payments, and with no underpaid loan or unpaid loan amortization of not more than three (3) months for the duration of the GESP grant per evaluation or verification process conducted by GSIS.
  • GSIS members who have college student dependents in any year level accepted in or taking up a 4- or 5-year course in any State University or College (SUC), Local University or College (LUC), or private college recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
  1. Dependents of Qualified GSIS Members:
  • Children or dependents of GSIS members, including the child of a solo parent-member as defined under The Solo Parents’ Welfare Act.
  • College students enrolled in any year level pursuing a 4- or 5-year course in any CHED-registered institution.
  • Students who enroll in a full load for each term as prescribed by the curriculum of the chosen course immediately following the award of the educational subsidy and every term thereafter. Postponement of enrollment is only allowed under exceptional circumstances subject to approval by GSIS (e.g., sickness, injury, transfer of residence, or threat to security and safety).
  • Dependents who maintain a general weighted average of at least 80% with no failing grades or incomplete marks in any subject.
  • Dependents who are not recipients of any other educational or financial assistance program for the duration of the grant, including the GSIS Scholarship Program (GSP).
  1. Sectoral Affiliates:
  • Applicants with sectoral group affiliation must provide additional requirements such as an endorsement from the head of agency/office attesting to the veracity of the claim regarding sectoral affiliation and original/certified true copies of government-issued authentication documents (e.g., PWD ID, Certificate of Confirmation of Tribal Membership, SP ID).

Qualified GSIS members may nominate one (1) student who meets the specified qualifications.

Application Process:

Applying for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP) is straightforward, but it requires specific documents and steps to follow. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Duly accomplished GESP APPLICATION FORM

Click the button below to download the form

  1. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issued birth certificate of dependent (original or certified true copy)
  2. Certificate from the school confirming the student’s acceptance or enrollment for the current Academic Year, including details about the course, duration, and year level
  3. Report Card or School Certification indicating that the student’s general weighted average is at least 80%, with no failing grades or incomplete marks in any subject during the preceding semester/term of the academic year

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Apply:

  1. Download the application form: from the GSIS website ( and fill it out completely.
  2. Submit the application form and requirement: to the nearest GSIS office or via drop box located in the GSIS lobby.
  3. The list of qualified students will be posted on the GSIS website and official GSIS social media accounts. Qualified members will be notified of the evaluation results through phone, mail, or text message by the Customer Corporate Office (CCO) and/or branch offices.
  4. Qualified members and students/recipients have sixty (60) days from the first date of publication to submit additional requirements at the nearest GSIS office.

Additional Requirements for New Student Grantees:

  • Duly signed and notarized agreement
  • Information Sheet with latest 2×2 I.D. pictures (2 pieces)
  • Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Account Number

Additional Requirements for Old Grantees:

  • Certified True Copy of all grades for the preceding term
  • Certificate of Registration for the current term

Failure to submit these requirements within the prescribed period will result in forfeiture of the subsidy.

Application Deadlines:

The application deadline for the academic year 2023 has already passed, but don’t worry! Be sure to stay updated for the next application cycle in 2024. 

Keep an eye out for announcements and details so you won’t miss your chance to apply for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program. 

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As a recipient of the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP), you’ll receive valuable financial assistance to support your academic journey. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Subsidy AmountDescription
Php1,000.00 – Php10,000.00 per yearYou’ll receive a subsidy ranging from Php1,000.00 to Php10,000.00 per academic year. This financial assistance can help cover various educational expenses.

Non-Transferable Grant: The GESP grant is non-transferable, ensuring that the subsidy is specifically intended for you as the recipient and cannot be transferred to another individual.

This ensures that the financial assistance provided by the program is utilized solely for your educational needs.

Contact Details:

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP), you can reach out to the Corporate Social Advocacies and Public Relations Facilities Department. Here are the contact details:

DepartmentCorporate Social Advocacies and Public Relations Facilities Department
Direct Line(02)-84793571 / (02)-84793572
Mobile Number09157364175

Final Thoughts:

The GSIS wants to help people and their families, including those who work for the government, by offering different programs to make their lives better.

One of these programs is called the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP). It’s meant to help students pay for their education.

The GESP is really important because it helps students with the money they need for school. This means they can focus on learning without worrying too much about how to pay for things.

It’s not just about giving money, it’s about giving students the chance to do well and follow their dreams.

Looking forward, we can see that programs like the GESP are really important for making the future brighter for everyone in the Philippines.

Education is key to success, and the GSIS wants to make sure that everyone has the chance to learn and succeed.

If you or someone you know could use help from the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program, don’t wait! Find out how to apply and make sure to meet the deadlines. 

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