In response to the pressing challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide, the Department of Health (DOH) has taken proactive steps to address the critical need for skilled professionals through the implementation of the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program. 

This guide covers all you need to know about the program, including requirements, qualifications, how to apply, forms, benefits, and eligible courses. 

With this resource, you’ll find everything you need to apply for the scholarship with ease.

Get ready to learn more about this amazing opportunity that’s changing the game for education in the Philippines.

About DOH: DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program

The Department of Health (DOH) is part of the government in the Philippines. Its job is to make sure everyone in the country can get good healthcare. It sets rules for healthcare services and products and works to improve public health for all Filipinos.

The Department of Health (DOH) Pre-Service Scholarship Program aims to improve accessibility to quality healthcare services for the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable sectors of the country.

The program’s goal is to ensure accessibility to quality healthcare services by the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable sectors of the country.

The objective of the program is to ensure an adequate supply of service-oriented human resources for health, ready for deployment in DOH priority areas.

Pre-service scholarship program for the following fields:


Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following qualifications:


  • Must be a Filipino citizen.
  • Students of moral character are preferred.


  • Graduated from secondary education (High School or Senior High, whichever is applicable).
  • Preference will be given to applicants from the following backgrounds:
  • Low-income families.
  • Geographically isolated and disadvantaged municipalities/provinces or from the top 20 poorest provinces/municipalities/cities.
  • Indigenous communities/minority sects.
  • Children/dependents of government employees, victims of calamity/tragedy, police/military personnel injured or fatally wounded while on duty, Barangay Health Workers/traditional birth attendants/individuals with chronic diseases.

These criteria ensure that the program supports diverse individuals committed to serving their communities and addressing healthcare needs in the Philippines.

Application Process:

Ready to apply for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program? Follow these simple steps below to begin your journey towards securing your scholarship opportunity.

  1. Initial Screening:

Students shall apply directly to the DOH partner school of choice and must meet the minimum requirements/criteria. Scan the QR code for the list of partner schools. Only those who have been admitted to the partner schools are eligible to apply for the DOH Scholarship.

  1. Final Screening:

Evaluation, validation, and approval of accepted applicants by the concerned Center for Health Development (CHD) based on set criteria. Successful scholars shall be notified through the Scholarship Coordinator of the partner schools.

Application Requirements

Before you apply for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program, make sure you have all the necessary documents ready. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Medical Certificate from a Government Physician
  4. HBsAG Screening Test and other relevant lab results
  5. Barangay Certification or Proof of Residence
  6. Income Tax Return or Tax Exemption Certificate
  7. General Weighted Average (GWA) (for Midwifery)
  8. National Medical Admission Test Score and GWA (for Medicine)

Additional Requirements (if applicable):

  1. Certification for Indigenous People or Minority Group
  2. Certificate of Employment for dependents of government employees, barangay health workers, etc.
  3. Identification Card or Certificate for dependents of PWD/Solo Parent
  4. Medical Abstract for parents with chronic diseases
  5. Certificate as proof of victim of calamities

Make sure you have everything prepared to complete your application smoothly.

Step 1: Access the Application Form

Visit the official website of the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program to access the application form. Alternatively, you can obtain the form from designated DOH offices, partner institutions, or the students’ affairs office of your institution.

Step 2: Read Instructions Carefully

Before completing the form, carefully review the provided instructions. Ensure that you understand all requirements and guidelines for a successful application process.

Step 3: Provide Personal Information

Begin by accurately and comprehensively providing your personal information. This may include your full name, date of birth, contact details, and other pertinent information as requested.

Step 4: Verify Eligibility

Confirm that you meet all eligibility criteria outlined for the scholarship program. Double-check the requirements to ensure that you meet all necessary conditions.

Step 5: Select Desired Institution or Course of Study

Choose your preferred institution from the list of DOH partner schools or select your desired course of study from the list of eligible courses provided. Ensure that the program you choose aligns with your academic and career aspirations.

Step 6: Submit Required Documents

Gather and submit all necessary documents along with your application form. This may include proof of eligibility, academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and any other supporting documents as specified.

Step 7: Review and Finalize

Carefully review your completed application form and attached documents. Make any necessary revisions or corrections before finalizing your submission.

Step 8: Submit Application

Once you have completed the form and attached all required documents, submit your application through the designated channels specified by the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program or as instructed by your institution’s students’ affairs office. Ensure that you adhere to the specified deadline for submission.

Step 9: Confirmation

Await confirmation from the program administrators regarding the status of your application. Be prepared to provide any additional information or attend interviews if required.

Step 10: Follow-Up

Stay informed of updates and communications from the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program regarding your application. Follow up as needed to ensure that your application is processed smoothly and efficiently.

Application Deadline:

Stay tuned for updates on the application opening and deadlines for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program. 

Additionally If you’re planning to apply for this scholarship, make sure to mark your calendar with the important application dates.

The application period for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program typically opens annually. The specific opening dates and deadlines may vary each year. Make sure to stay updated with the latest announcements from the Department of Health to know when the application period begins and ends.

Keep an eye out for updates on the application process and deadlines to maximize your chances of securing this beneficial scholarship. Don’t forget to bookmark this article for quick reference!

List of DOH Partner Schools:

To apply for the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program, it’s crucial to select a partner school that offers the program you’re interested in. Below is a list of partner schools categorized by program:


1Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial School of MidwiferyMetro Manila
2Mary Chiles CollegeMetro Manila
3Cordillera Career Development CollegeCordillera
4Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State UniversityIlocos
5North Luzon Philippines State CollegeIlocos
6Urdaneta City UniversityIlocos
7Isabela State UniversityCagayan Valley
8Bataan Peninsula State UniversityCentral Luzon
9Gordon CollegeCentral Luzon
10Good Samaritan Colleges, Inc.Central Luzon
11UP School of Health Sciences-Baler Extension CampusCentral Luzon
12University of Perpetual Help System (Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University)CALABARZON
13South Luzon State UniversityCALABARZON
14Palawan State UniversityMIMAROPA
15Occidental Mindoro State CollegeMIMAROPA
16Ago Medical and Educational CenterMIMAROPA
17Tanchuling CollegeBicol
18Iloilo Doctor’s CollegeWestern Visayas
19Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP), Inc.Western Visayas
20Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos Inc.Western Visayas
21University of BoholCentral Visayas
22University of Cebu Banilad CampusCentral Visayas
23UP School of Health Sciences-Main Campus (Palo, Leyte)Eastern Visayas
24Brent Hospital and Colleges IncorporatedZamboanga Peninsula
25Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.Davao
26Tecarro College Foundation, Inc.SOCCSKSARGEN
27St. Alexius College Koronadal CitySOCCSKSARGEN
28UP School of Health Sciences-Koronadal Extension CampusSOCCSKSARGEN
29Sultan Kudarat State UniversitySOCCSKSARGEN
30Butuan Doctor’s CollegeCARAGA
31North Eastern Mindanao State UniversityCARAGA
32Tawi-Tawi School of MidwiferyBangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)


1Adventist University of the PhilippinesCALABARZON
2Our Lady of Fatima University Antipolo CampusCALABARZON
3Cagayan State UniversityCagayan Valley
4Southwestern University PHINMACentral Visayas
5University of San AgustinWestern Visayas
6San Pedro CollegeDavao
7University of the Immaculate ConceptionDavao
8Liceo de Cagayan UniversityNorthern Mindanao


1Mariano Marcos State UniversityIlocos
2Urdaneta City UniversityIlocos
3Sacred Heart College of LucenaCALABARZON
4University of Perpetual Help System-LagunaCALABARZON
5Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo CampusCALABARZON
6Saint Paul University PhilippinesCagayan Valley
7Southwestern University PHINMACentral Visayas
8University of San AgustinWestern Visayas
9University of the Immaculate ConceptionDavao
10Liceo de Cagayan UniversityNorthern Mindanao


This table outlines the comprehensive scholarship package offered by the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program, including annual allowances, tuition fees, book allowance, uniforms, miscellaneous expenses, living expenses, board and lodging, and transportation.

ParticularsMidwiferyMedical Technology and Pharmacy
Tuition FeePhp 50,000Php 80,000
Book Allowance20,00022,000
Living Expenses67,20067,200
Board and Lodging60,00060,000

This scholarship package aims to provide financial support to eligible students pursuing Midwifery, Medical Technology, and Pharmacy programs, covering various expenses to ease the financial burden of education.

Contact Details:

Here’s the contact information for various DOH Centers where you can inquire about the DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program:

DOH CenterLocationContact
Metro Manila CHDMandaluyong, Metro Manila(02) 8531-0026 local 310
CORDILLERA CHDBaguio City, Benguet(074) 442-8096
Ilocos CHDSan Fernando, La Union(072) 607-6426
Cagayan Valley CHDTuguegarao, Cagayan(078) 304-6523
Central Luzon CHDSan Fernando, Pampanga(045) 455-2322
CALABARZON CHDProject 4, Quezon City(02) 8-249-2000 local 4475
MIMAROPA CHDProject 4, Quezon City(02) 912-0195 local 417-419
Bicol CHDLegaspi City, Albay(052) 204-0050
Western Visayas CHDMandurriao, Iloilo City(033) 321-1036, (033) 332-2329 local 127
Central Visayas CHDCebu City(032) 253-6355
Eastern Visayas CHDPalo, Leyte(032) 253-6355
Zamboanga Peninsula CHDZamboanga City(062) 955-6197
Northern Mindanao CHDCarmen, Cagayan de Oro City(088) 858-7132
Davao CHDBajada, Davao City(082) 305-1906 / 226-4826
SOCCSKSARGEN CHDKoronadal City(064) 421-2196
CARAGA CHDButuan City(085) 342-5208
MOH-BARMMCotabato City(064) 552-2870

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DOH Pre-Service Scholarship Program

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